Monday, December 12, 2011

Let's get the old blog back!

I think it is time to say, that this blog has been fickle, and fallible these past few
months. In my opinion, I believe it is because of Jenna leaving. I'm not declaring it is her fault that this blog is not active, but I am suggesting that because of her leaving, this blog has not been as great as before. She made the blog consolidate. Her leaving has not caused this blog to be entirely unscathed. Although she might not come back, I really want this blog to become active again. I'm sure Jenna would want us to procure the blog; we have not tried our entire best to do so. Instead of entreating Jenna to come back, let's get this blog like how it used to be. Even though I will not be able to write about everything by myself, I am hoping to get contact of some of the writers and ask for them to be more spirited and animated on the blog. I myself  will focus on competitions, raffles, and more. I really yearn for more writers, but I believe it will be against Jenna's will and admission. I acknowledge that I have not been doing top commentors each week, and I apologize. With school here where I live, it's hard to pursue and keep track of my academic work; so I do not blame Jenna for leaving, or her in case, "taking a break". This blog has so much more potential, but, it is below my and evidently your substantial standards. What I ask of you to do is be patient, and abide with Jenna leaving, and this blog "starting new". Thank you for reading, if you did, I understand this was long and seemed interminable. Hopefully the writers and I keep our word! 



Anonymous said...

you should get new writers and a new layout, maybe a brighter one as the black is very - ( didnt know the word to explain it)

MMAlovergirl said...

yay =] exciting

*Sta988* said...

It would be great to see this blog up and running again! :D

Gosia said...

Its good idea, good you want do something but i worried without Jenna you cant do much.

Im writers on this blog, if you need my help - just ask

Lolly140 said...

Yay ! I hope that the blog gets back to its usual self cause i have really missed it ! :)

despina said...

yea its really good that this blog is gonna be active again!You could also hire new writers if the old ones cant write so often..

Anonymous said...

I agree with you although I think blog writing is time consuming as people have their own lives which is more important. I noticed the 2 writers (doll & birthday) who have been consistent stopped writing immediately the hotbuys writer started making posts. I think the best thing to do is get rid of the inactive writers & get new writers for a fresh start or get 2 writers for each post so they could swap & wouldn't have to do too much. Blog examples are MDM & TSI, even though the blog owners are on a break & the writers have no contact with them they still carried on regardless. The biggest task though would be getting readers intrested in the blog again because they seem to have left. Maybe arrange advertising on other blogs. I think Jenna would come back because she renewed her membership & her rooms are open again.

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