Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hotbuys Rio Top Poll

Hello everyone! First off, I must say sorry for I have not written here in a long time.
But, I have an excuse; my internet was not working for a week! Well enough about me, let's talk about the poll. I know that I never said there was going to be a poll, but so much outfits were so amazing that I couldn't pick! Though, I could narrow it down to the six top outfits.You can only pick one nominee to win, and you pick by the numbers each nominee is given. If any of the contestants ask for peoples' votes, they will be disqualified. So here are your choices:

Sorry for blurriness, click for original size!

Vote here:



iluvladygaga232/Isabel said...

Ummmm how am supposed to vote?! Well, if I could, I would vote kukipopi

Pigehdesigner said...

In the Poll? (@ above)

Anonymous said...

So unfair, number 2 has used the same aoutfit to an Underneath Stardoll poll.

kukipopoi said...

aww thank you for putting me in the comp! I've been so off from stardoll lately, been busy with exams and such, and seeing this blog is trying to be back on top made me very happy. Good luck to others contestants!

Anonymous said...


EssRox said...


I don't get how that affects the outcome. I didn't win in Underneath Stardoll so it's not like I'm cheating.

I DID make the outfit myself. There was no rule not allowing me to do so.

Anonymous said...


JanaStarlite said...

I agree with essrox. I've done the same thing myself. What difference does it make how many different blogs' contests you decide to enter with the same outfit?

Anonymous #1, can you explain why using the same outfit for two different blogs is unfair?

dulcenika said...

i like girl no 1 ;)

Lolly140 said...

I like them all but i do have a favorite ! :)

Anonymous said...

number 2 is my favorite

Julie (JazzyPants381) said...

Are you ready to party???
Well there is a big party coming up!
Hosted by Fiorama.
If your interested go to this link:


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