Monday, October 24, 2011

So... :/

Manchester United lost 6-1 yesterday. 6. Bloody. 1. So glad I don't have school. But my Facebook page got mega-spammed by United haters. Still gutted :( That's going to haunt me for the rest of my life. Now I know what it feels like to be an Arsenal fan Dx

Anyways...on to what I wanted to say.

I'm not sure I'm pulling my weight as a writer here :/ I've not posted in forever and a day, and it's mainly Hrly and Ghandoora doing their part. I'm seriously considering leaving this blog and leaving Stardoll, because of real life. I've been bombarded with things at school and outside school, and Stardoll just isn't appealing anymore. I logged on yesterday, answered messages and then thought to myself, "Wow, I can't believe I used to spend hours on here."  

I'm not 100% sure what to do, so I have decided I will give it a week. It's half-term, so I figured if, whilst I don't have school, I don't make time for Stardoll, then it's just not going to be the same for me. Let's face it. My banner used to bombard your blogger news feed way back when. Now? It's all birthdays and dolls. During this week, I will try my best to post on this blog, as a favour to the followers and writers, but if it just isn't the same...well, I think this might be farewell.

I feel terrible, and I think what made me make this post was on Ghandoora's latest post. I'd just remembered about the blog, and read the comments. A lot of you were upset about the lack of writing on the blog, and I can't blame you. I remember a lot of people saying life turns hectic a few months before you turn 16, and I didn't believe them until now, when I've experienced that. 

I have one favour to ask; please don't jump down my throat. I'm not certain as to what I want to do just yet, which is why I'm giving myself a week before making any sort of choice. I'll let you know sometime next week, hopefully. 

Please, please, please believe me when I say I have genuine reasons for my life being this busy. It sounds weird, but a lot has changed in less than a month--since the 27th of September, if I'm going to be exact. It's family, friends...everything. Not just necessarily school. I've just realised how much I've been missing out on. 

This is NOT a farewell post.
I just thought I owed you guys an apology, and would let you know whether or not I'll be back. Well, as for the latter...even I'm not sure if I gave you answer to that.

Up until then...
Keep Smiling...and Keep Believing in United :)



EssRox said...

Hey Sara(:
I understand so don't worry.
Stardoll is growing weary for me.


Vitalstatistick said...

It's time we all faced it anyways. There is no more Stardolls Most Wanted. This is Happy Birthday blog.
Ghandoora and Hrly have been very loyal and faithful in this blog and they always put in effort and make their posts, but even if you come back Sara it's not going to make a difference. This blog needs either Jenna, or someone with enough enthusiasm and initiative to revamp it. I know real life is hectic, and I say go live it! But lets not kid ourselves into thinking this blog is ever going to be what it used to be. It's dying a slow and painful death. The You Write project is just one example of an amazing idea that fell flat. I can think of countless more, but it's best just to let go now. I'm not blaming anyone for leaving, I think it's great that some see the light and you're able to understand how much you're missing out. I'm not there yet;)

Anonymous said...

I think what you should do is de-activate your account for the time allowed (I think 3- 6 months) & activate it again if you change your mind. I think stardoll should give us an option to deactivate an account for few months or forever. I abandon my accounts on some game sites for months & suprisingly it's still there waiting for me after a very long break. The truth is there are so many activities in life to keep us entertained & we (I) lose interest in some of them for a long period of time only to regain interest later. What I don't understand is when people say stardoll consumes their life how? You can log in & out anytime you like daily, weekly or monthly. I log in for few minutes just to get starcoins because I have other things to do.

In terms of not writing regularly for the blog who can blame you? There's no one to inspire the writers & no one knows if/when Jenna will be back. I think a close friend who is personally in contact with her should ask permission to take over the blog while she's away. Ghandoora & Hrly are just nice & patient & we can't blame them for the blog being a doll & bithday blog LOL.

red.girll said...

there was a time in my life when i didnt have time for stardoll so i understand you, life is busy.

evermore1girl said...

Someone bought my geography teacher a get well soon card because he supports man u too. Keep in there Sara

JanaStarlite said...

Sorry about Man U's loss. I know how tough that can be.

You don't need to feel bad in any way if your RL is taking up time that used to spend on SD. Totally understand. This blog going down the drain is not your fault. I like the idea of someone getting permission from Jenna to take it over.

Lolly140 said...

Its all right :) If i was had to do posts on here i would probably be the same - school just starts to takeover and everything else and stardoll has kinda went down recently if you know what i mean

PwincessSara/Sara said...

Haha, aw! I can just imagine someone doing that to me ;P

Hehe, thanks.

@Everyone else:
Glad you understand, and am actually really interested to hear how you thought the blog was going downhill.

~LaurenPS~ said...

OMG My Dad and I LOVEEEEEEE Arsenal. They Just aren't playing to well this season :[ (I like Arsenal All though im in USA)

5purpleprincess said...

Its ok! I am trying to break my stardoll addiction i am leaving stardoll hopefully! but i am reallly addicted and i dont know why coz it is quite boring!Anyone got any tips to help me move on?

PwincessSara/Sara said...

Haha, I'd 8-2 be one of them! ;). You have to admit, after all the 8-2 jokes that were going on 4-3 weeks, Arsenal had just turned in 2-1 big joke :D

Anonymous said...

Everything in life has an end, also good and nice things - it´s a part of everythings/everyones developing. But it´s sad/hard to say goodbye tho. This has been the #1 blog in my opinion during my years on sd - so I say Thank you, and you guys have been the Best!!♥ Good luck to everyone involved!

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