Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Ugly Duckling Comp: Part 2

First of all, congratulations to the winner of part 1, maria_lh and our runner up Collette! You can check out all the entries HERE.

I asked a couple of my Writing Studies friends to help judge (I'm majoring in Writing Studies myself) and we were all very impressed with the various creative descriptions and poems! Unfortunately, there weren't many entries, so the Part 1 prize had to be lowered a bit - which makes it even more important that you enter this round! 

I'm sorry you had to wait for this for so long, but I've been rather unwell lately. But onto the next round! Anyone can enter, but only those who participated last time will go into the Mystery Prize Raffle.

Can one man's garbage be another's man's treasure? Well, now we're putting it to the test!

The Competition:

Simply style the Rio Chicas - Over The Shoulder Jacket, with at least one other printed item! Think clash, only cute. Anyone can enter, and feel free to use the starplaza to style in.

Why this item, you ask? Because it was the winning piece from part one! And who doesn't want to style something described with Hannibal's intestines? 

One entry per person, as these will be polled to get the final result.



+ raffled mystery item for those who participate in both!

Prize may be reduced if less than 12 people participate.


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