Friday, January 12, 2018

Weekend OOTD theme - The 1st of 2018

Hello dolls! I apologize for not running the OOTDs during Christmas holidays and the first week of 2018. It's been busy(technically, it still is) in my life. I want to thank all of you for participating last year.

Let's start the year with something bright, shall we?

I want you to create a radiant outfit that'll catch everyone's eyes. One that is diverse and fun. Don't be afraid to mix-match prints and neon colours.
The bolder the better!

- you must post your entry/entries with your username and the date
- themes are a suggestion. but NOT mandatory as always
- you have a greater chance to win if your outfit is themed and also when you enter on both days (saturday and sunday)
- upvote your favourite/s (although not the person with the most upvotes will automatically win. that wouldn't be fair)
- prices are given out the NEXT weekend
- if 10 or less members enter, the winning prize is 15 sd which is always given out as gift
- if 15 and 20 members enter, the winning prize is 25 sd and is also given out as gift
- if more than 20 members enter, the winning prize is 50 sd which can be given out as stardollars if requested!

- If I am (Agnes) the one posting the weekend OOTD, then please always claim the prize in my guestbook on stardoll @ashleybaby93. Winner/s have one week to claim their prize. If they do not, it'll be forfeited.
Also my name is not Ashley, please do not call me that. 

Thank you for respecting the rules and I'm waiting for all your amazing entries this year too! 


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