Friday, August 12, 2016


Hello, everyone! Sorry for the absence. It was unavoidable and I will get into it a little more in a later post!

Thank you again To Crazycharmy and Notnoworlater for helping out wherever they could. I appreciate that so much! And thanks to you guys for being understanding and continuing to stop by and support the blog!

LE DECOR has been released and you can get it by clicking on the link HERE.

What are your feelings on LE Decor? I am not a big decor person anymore, but I like a few of the pieces.


Tell us your favorites below and you can will a chance to get the item of your choice!

Winners will be chosen by random draw. Please make sure item is on your WL if possible. 

I'd also love to see picks of you guys using your items in your suite, so feel free to share with us!

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