Wednesday, July 20, 2016


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So sorry I missed out on the previous stop of your vacation adventure, but now it's time for your 5th and final destination. This time you are having a blast in Hollywood.

And how can you go to Hollywood without getting a Hollywood sign?! Well... you can't of course!


Your final photo opt should take place in glamorous Hollywood!  What could be better than that! Get creative and get inspired by the red carpet, celebrities and the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.  It's all up to you!

You can use photoshop, scenery or whatever you like. 

Change your background, create fancy borders so it looks like a real photo, etc. 

The only limitation is that the dolls/items in the picture (other than background) must be from Stardoll Be creative!

~must include your doll and callie, 
~look like you are in Hollywood 
~Look like it's a photo with a border etc (see pic below) 
~Feel free to explain your adventure (optional, but helpful).
~Must be a follower of this blog
~You can make any kind of edits to the background, border etc.. doll and clothes, stuff used in the picture must be from Stardoll.

The winner will get a 1 month SS code or $200sd
you can choose from our treasure chest 

While you are here.... Coming soon!
This is different than the previous comp we had on the blog and there will be a HUGE prize.
Stay tuned...

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