Tuesday, October 25, 2011

November Hotbuys

Hello dear readers! I dont post for a while! But i decided to start doing my post again. I'm sad 'cause this blog is so stopped!

Well the preview of the november hotbuys is now available. Lets see if the graphics will be good, i really like them all!

What u think?


JanaStarlite said...

This is a great collection. I won't be buying everything, but I love the boots, leggings and the dress in the top middle of the pic.

Lolly140 said...

I quite like the hat and the pink and black dress (which reminds me of a dress from an advert calender on stardoll a couple of years ago)

evermore1girl said...

I love the leggings

Anonymous said...

You're sad to see the blog going down? Where were you when it was active? That makes you a bit of a hypocrite, as you are literally blaming the other writers when they posted. And don't say that you weren't on Stardoll, because you were always on chat and replying to messages, so who's fault is it? Maybe if all the writers posted instead of just Hrly, Filipa, Ghandoora & Sara, the blog wouldn't have turned in to this. Especially because it's only Filipa & Sara that can post about real SD news.

_inda_ said...

you have so much to say...why dont u use ur stardoll name? u're one of my friends u're the hypocrite, my job was only write about Hb's, and some writers started doing my job, so i stopped doing it

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