Sunday, April 24, 2011

ENTER HB Top/Dress Poll [:


I'm sorry for not posting in the past days (I wasn't at home) and since no one did polls for latest HBs (let's be nice and understand that we all have a busy life nowadays) I will do them now [:
So recently stardoll released the last April's HBs -
Lace Garter Top (18sd) and Dress (20sd). 
 I think they both are great and unique and can be useful for all style people (with right accessories).
And here are the Real life versions which this time aren't changed much for  stardoll - 
and Thomas Wylde Dress
 If you haven't you should definitely check the Wylde's 2011 campaign pictures [:

I decided to make you choose which HB you like the most and make an outfit with it.
(I would suggest you to read this, there are some changes made this time)
1) Create mentioned above, You can do it in your a fabulous outfit with one of HBssuite or in Starplaza
2) Accessorize outfit adding it some creative touch, but do not cover the HB too much, it must be seenable and the main part of the outfit.
3) When you are done, Print-Screen your look, Paste on image making software, Crop it (so there would be only your doll and outfit and Save it as picture (DO NOT put your username on it)
4) Upload picture to any image hosting website - like tinypic, photobucket, imageshack etc)
5) Log in your blogger account (anonymous comments will not be checked), be sure that you have followed this blog AND Post your link in comment area, also write your stardoll username and it would be nice if you added which HB you used (so it would be easier for me)

Entries will be divided in two polls - for top and dress separately.


Anonymous said...

I love the dress and the top but unfourtunely after buying the top I only have 20sd left and I don't want to waste it in case something amazing comes along :(

Rayko said...

I like them.^^ I made an outfit with the lace garter top.:D
Here you go:


Anonymous said...

On your banner it says 'Houpisinfire' in, not on.

Ruth/Houpisonfire said...

midget-gem.x Thanks for noticing :D I have so silly nickname :S

SugarShoez said...

Here's my entry:

I used the dress

My username is sugar103

Ladysweetcute said...

I made an outfit with the top , here it is (:


Kim/PopStarKizzle♥ said...

I like them both, they are b-e-a-u-tiful! Your temperary(doubt I spelt that right:L) banner is cute!

rainbow said...

i used the dress for this outfit
my username is rainbow-waker
here is my look [IMG][/IMG]

Matildatc said...

I Love that top and the dress they are so nice!!! :D

Matildatc said...

OHH! My Username is flossy101girl

natashaa97 said...

i used hb dress
my username is ciara1001

Sarah/DivaMiley1992 said...

I like both of them but I choose the HOT BUYS TANK!


!!!! :)

MissFitore1997 said...

My stardollname is missfitore1997
The Link is

xoxo piinkie said...

Aloha! I make an outfit with hotbuys tank , is something vintage,inspired a little bit by coco channel!
This is my outfit:
My stardoll name : xoxo_piink
Model : xoxo_piink
tnx. buh bye ! :)

ImaginaryThings said...

Username: ImaginaryThings

SammySdx said...

Stardoll Username: SammySdx

I used the DRESS

Thank you... ^^

Anonymous said...

my nickname is puppyultra
and i used the top for my look,here's the link:

JanikaC said...

i made an outfit with HB dress.
Here it is:

My stardoll name is love_heart11

hope you like it! :D

bracken1234 said...

Lace Garter Top :)

fashionliciousgirl said...

username: paulabart

Teo / Botsy_pink said...

I`ll go for the dress so that`s my entry :

I-Love-Pigs said...

Stardoll Username: I-Love-Pigs

Angel_515 said...

here's my entry. i choose the dress;]

Username: Angel_515

Anonymous said...

I love the dress :)

I'm in :D

stardoll name : sweet_ale12

Happy Easter ! ^^

Ale :*

Curioser and Curiouser said...

My username is CarCar947

the item that I used was the Garter Tank which is absolutely fabulous!

LaLaGiRl n_n said...


I don't use the dress....i made with the lace garter top n_n,And i really love it:x:x i will buy it buy i'm not ss:((

missmimi said...

name: pinkgirlbarbie8

dress :

top :

missmimi said...

name: pinkgirlbarbie8

dress :

top :

anaKonda said...

This is my entry.
I chose the Garter Top.

Stardoll username: MissLadyAnjah

clarissa said...

i used the hotbuys dress.
My username is- jakelle26


.emma.x. said...

You are such an amazing writer, if not my favourite, one of my favourites and I love your new hair, and your black eye shadow is done very well, and I like your Easter banner and I look forward to your new one, it's been a long wait :P

Also, I don't think your nickname is silly, it's rather cool :) Mines is the most unoriginal one on the planet.

FashionAndFree said...
Username: ietje-sofietje

I made an outfit with Hotbuys Garter Tank

Ice Vanille said...

hb dress this time & Victorian gothic look :)

sd nickname: atatui

mojonik said...

username: Mojonik


Creina10 said...

Made a top using the HB top

molly9406 said...

hey girls!
here is the link of my entry:

MissLotsaSmiles said...

I made an outfit with the dress (:

Username: MissLotsaSmiles


ilv123 said...

What about the jacket poll pwincesssara was doing?

1998_selen said...

My username is 1998_selen
I used the lace garter top :)

Anonymous said...

Username: dbc202

Item I chose: The top

Heres my entry:

trafford2k9 said...!

Loooove this garter top.
My username is trafford2k9 :)xx

Ruth/Houpisonfire said...

@Emma Thanks dear so much ^^ Well I somehow never find time for it :S Sorry, I will try to finish it asap :D

@ilv123 I'm not sure, but it will surely be made soon. As I said - give her some time, it's Easter now, there might be people who are actually celebrating them or busy with something else (not like me tonight, surfing on internet :D) so - don't worry it will be up. Just Looking over 100 entries is not that fast.

kreacyjna said...

super oferta !

sprawdź !! . do wygrania kilka fajnych ciuszków ! .

Inna said...

I used HB Dress.
My username is IN0ULA

iloveanimals28 said...

I like the lace one A LOT :3

I made an entry using the lace garter top :D

-iloveanimals28 [minnie ^^]

torijohnston said...
hello i used the hotbuys top lol
good luck peoplesss xxx

trilygirl9 said...

Stardoll username: trilygirl9
Item used: Garter Top

Sarah said...

Stardoll Username: cuterid

I picked the dress! Here's my outfit:

Hope you like it! Thanks :]

Dieke12 said...

I really love the top, but I decided to use the dress:

my name on stardoll is Dieke12

Mery.- said...

I made an outfit with the dress (:

My username is Mery.-

stardoll said...

i made an outfit for the top <3 !!


VGnails said...

User Name:

mandy *-* said...

I made an outfit with the top
my username is nana_manda2

~good luck everybody!!!=]

Anonymous said...

Hotbuys Dress

Username: Princess_Dumini

anna sweet said...

i choose the dress:

stardoll username: annakla

Hinsykatsy said...

I chose the garder top :) but the thing is .. i was so enthusiastic to make the outfit that i'm afraid i've covered it a little too much.. well, you're the judge, so you'll decide if it's ok :)
I love your comps, their are so great !
take care xx

username : kickherout
link :

keiths said...

Username: loveygirl999
I did the lace garter top

The Girl with Feathers said...

I chose the top! :)

Username: z_alice1

bellajella1997 said...

Stardoll tank

bellajella1997 said...


Stardoll tank
Username: bellajella1997

Nalco said...


HB Garter Top

Cloe Perry said...

i luv them but ive ran out of sd for the dress :P but anway heres my entry for the top ie my medolls name is hubblebubbly xx

spider said...

here's my entry, my username is gucci***gurl

missyamasa said...

hey girls go to:

a page where they have tricks...
with proxy..

Anonymous said...

I used the dress :) Hope you like it :)

Karolina ♥ said...


Lauren/amy235 said...

Hi, my name is Lauren and my username is amy235. I love the lace top! Here is my entry with that top on:

Deividas( Dave) said...

Hey! I love that HB dress, but she's a little bit expensive, but I bough it! Here's my look . And my nickname is 1lauta1

♥Annie♥ said...

Hello! I made a outfit with the top that outfit:

Name: anamaria.daisy

Stardoll CL3M3 said...

My stardoll name : CL3M3

My entry :

EssRox said...

Username- EssRox

Garter Top Entry-

litxx said...

link :

stardoll name: lita_pink_star

AinnaB said...

hope I'm not to late :)

name: AinnaB

Anonymous said...

I used the dress!
stardollname: kate_awsum

GLossYBLacKLaDY said...

I made an outfit with the lace garter top. =))

sd name: glossyblacklady

dieBrInI06 said...

Sd-name: dieBrInI06
My outfit with the lace garter top:

Rhona / rhonacrowley said...

Anonymous said...

@ Ruth/Houpisonfire LOL Its nice, I also love the name Ruth.

Anonymous said...

I did the dress my entry :)


Anonymous said...

I love both top and the dress!They're a bit pricey but oh well.

Here's my entry,I used the lace garter top :D


cupcake1999jd. said...

i made mine doll with the dress hears the link

Anonymous said...

hello I'm 2000loz123 and i entered the comp with me unique style what you probibly wont like but oh well lol i did the top thing

SweetyRia said...


I made an outfit with the lace garter top (:

raniaworld said...

i like the dress so much :p

romela1998 said...

I am in
the dress
the top
i am romela1998

peacetrain said...

i used the wylde dress


Anonymous said...

Here's my entry:

I used the dress

My username is NesNes96

pinkbg said...


Lolly140 said...

Username: Lolly140

I used the dress

rosa-65 said...

they are both so cute! ill buy them when i become ss :)

anyways i did the lace garter top :P hope you like it (:

username: DNKY_Princess19

Anonymous said...

Here is mine with the Gather Top:

Booksie said...

I used the garter top...seriously cute

Username: Booksie

Martinna2 said...

User name: Marttinna2

I used Garter Thank :)

Anonymous said...

The dress isn't bad and I like the see-through top very much. Bought both of them ^^

Here's my oufit:
(not sure if it's really covered up, I just can't imagine how else to wear it :})

Good luck to others!


GeorgiieBoy said...
My name on stardoll is Georgethegreek
and I used the lace garter top.

BASHY77 said...

Here's my hb top entry

username :BASHY77

BASHY77 said...

^^^^^^ I mean dress lol

Elena / KoolKatGirl19 said...

Stardoll Username: KoolKatGirl19

~I used the HBs Dress!~

MKA-RC-lover said...

I used the top!

Stardoll Nickname: MKA-RC-lover

Good luck!

Plinck said...

I used the HB's dress :)

My account is called Plinck !

Hope you like it ;D

miley said...

Heya, it's hohokoko1328.

my entry link:

Hope u like it guys, thank you!!

Evaki_11 said...
Hope you like it ;)

Rosalie said...

Username: waifish
I used the HB Garter Top. I hope you like it! :)

ebonymeme said...

the dress is nicer but i vote for the top cuz theres more you can do with it :)

Anonymous said...

i cant do tinyxpics or things so uhm,could you jsut look at my suite/doll?;P my username is lalistar6

Juny said...

My stardoll name is Janybeth
I use the lace garter top ;*
A simply but fun combination
Here you go:


It's the same image, I uploaded in two sites :)

Anonymous said...

I love bouth of them but i made an uotlift with the top

My user name is: alexb120

Ruth/Houpisonfire said...

Thanks to all who entered, no more entries please. [;

evermore1girl said...

I am really in love with the hotbuys dress, I am going to splash out and buy it :)

selenlight said...

this is my dress
good luck

my username is : selenlight

Paula D. said...

i chose the dress
name of my doll: pdsmedeiros

Anonymous said...

Stardoll: Melly_55

hihi :3

Melly_55 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Peggy Sue said...

Here's my entry.
Username : peggy_sue

I used the garter tank.

Courtney ♥ said...
I used the Dress
USername: Krissik26

vennesa4eva said...

Gosh I really like that top and dress, I only own the top at the moment
Stardoll name: vennesa4eva
Entry: I did Garter Top

Anonymous said...

I made an outfit with Lace Top.

Nickname: WiktoriaAvril

LadyLara08 said...

Here's my outfit with the lace garter top:

my stardollname is LadyLara08

MaryLovesRHCP said...

I used the HB top :

username: kathlin2010

Anonymous said...

I used the top and this is my entry:

My Nickname on Stardoll is: Rubycarminella

G. said...

Escorpiao21, I'm wearing the HB top! :D

Infinie said...

I'm I-love-all and here's my outfit :

PiNkLiLaRoSa said...

I'd like to join for the dress :)
My Stardoll name is PiNkLiLaRoSa

Eleanor said...

Username: Elligrig13

AdriBaudoin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
forever-69 said...

username: forever-69
I chose the dress

PwincessSara/Sara said...

Sorry!! I know I haven't been updating, but I was staying at my aunties for the weekend.

I'm working on it now ;-)

AdriBaudoin said...


Here is my entry (for the dress):

Stardoll name: AdriBaudoin

Hope you like it! Tks

katieethecat said...
I did the HB dress. ;3

Kiki00789 said...
Kiki00789 :)

Mary271 said...

I love (and have xD) both of them but I decided on the dress.
Here is my outfit:

Username: Mary271

zorito said...

here's my outfit with the top: stardoll name is zorito...3

LovePrincess95 said...

I Made It With The Lace Garter Top [[:

~ LovePrincess95

GoldenSyrup said...



Kristinkakiki said...

Here´s my entry:
Thank you.

Lia said...

Heyy both beautiful
Entry :

Username : _liso_
<3 xx :L

Amaaall-x said...

I made an outfit please look here at:

user name: roxey-67890

Annika said...

I used the top.


Tonia :) said...

my stardoll name is : Tonia96

my picture is here :

Kristinkakiki said...

oops,sorry.\i didnt saw thid "no more etries please ;)"soooorry

ana.jamilla said...

I used the top :)

q8love said...

I used the top
my username is ana.jamilla

_JolieAnn_ said...

i hope im not to late but here is my entry:

my name is _JolieAnn_
and i hope you like my pic

lots of love

Anonymous said...

Here is my outfit:
Good Luck for everybody!! Xoxo!

Anonymous said...

Here is my outfit:
Good Luck for everybody!Xoxo!

La-Provence (Audrey) said...

I used the top:


May said...
top :)
username : moooshyy

HermioneGranger.Disney said...

User: DixieHermione
HB Used: Garter Tank

Anonymous said...

I like them. cansu338

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