Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Color Cycle: Task 3: Disney Theme

Color Cycle Task 2: - Disney Theme
Hi y’all!
Everyone who completed the last task is welcome to move on to the next!

Check your updated scores here!

For this cycle you are allowed to use any doll for the cycle, just make sure that they are not in the competition.

You are encouraged to use SCENERY, not to make a background but to be creative, combine, double up, and resize pieces.

Now for the task...

Task 3 Disney Theme
For this third task, you must choose one of the Disney princesses and create an outfit based on their traditional looks. DO NOT RECREATE THEIR OUTFITS.

You must state what Princess you choose.

If you use someone else's doll, be sure to state that.

You will be graded on:
- Color : Did you include the colors found in your princess' look? Did you minimized the use of other colors? (10 pts)
-Complexity: Did you do more than just put a top and bottom together? Did you step outside fo the box? (5pts)
-Cohesiveness: Do the pieces you choose flow together well? Are some bulky on the doll? Do the colors go well together? (5pts)
-Judges Choice: Would the judge grading wear this? (5pts)
-Did you state what palette you used? (2pts)

This task will close Tuesday, June 2nd at 11:59PM EST.

Any questions feel free to ask me on Stardoll (boookay), Facedoll (Alex Saab), or tag either me (Alex) or Jane (lolitka144) on here and we will respond!

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