Friday, January 6, 2017


There's a couple of shiny & new floors at Royalty! The items are inspired by 2016's most (according to SD) beautiful red carpet and stage outfits. 

I really, really love almost everything from the store, but why did Stardoll need to recolour a not-so-rare Gaga dress? Anyway, thanks the crew for starting to give us free back pieces with coats or high split skirts!
Aside from that, it's very nice to see some Solange-inspired outfits. Here are RL versions (coudn't ID the male outfit...Kanye? Biebs?):

(thanks Lula.Osorio)

Challenge yourself and style those Beyonce Tiger Velvet Tigh High Boots
~ the boots must be visible
~ post pic in comments
~ don't forget your SD name
~ win a surprise gift!

What are your thoughts on the release? Did you like it?

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