Friday, January 6, 2012


If you are a follower of SMW for a long time, you know that we had medoll/follower
of the week/month long ago. Well, it's back!! Excited? I think so. Now, before saying the prizes, how about I tell you how you can become the follower of the month?

- COMMENT, COMMENT, COMMENT! Commenting something interesting will definitely get you into the running for follower of the month. I love to read comments, and if people comment something interesting it shows that they are a great follower!

- INVITE PEOPLE! Inviting people to follow the blog and posting who you invited in the comments is amazing and shows you want this blog to become successful. That's follower of the month potential! (The person you invited must be on stardoll with starpoints over 200. You can comment who you invited in any post!)

- PARTICIPATE! Participation is a great way to have a chance at follower of the month. Joining in HB polls, top commentors competitions and etc will help you with follower of the month. Participating in competitions can get you great prizes as  well!

- SPEAK UP! Share your opinion with us. As you may or may not know, we do have a chat box on this blog! OR ask us questions in our ask box, and leave us your username / blogger name. Our formspring / ask box is here: This is the most helpful way to become the follower of the month.

There are plenty of other ways, those are just a few.


- 75 stardollars.
-An interview on this blog.
-You will get featured on this blog for 1 month.
-And you get to advertise ANYTHING you want on this blog for 1 month.

Seems pretty fair for doing such easy things, right? Now, lets get to the rules:

- You must be a follower of this blog!
- No making fake accounts and following to win.
- If you win, you must contact me within 24 hours of winning or the prize will go to someone else.

That's it! I will post the winner in a month! 



MissMicaGolden said...

Yeah, I love this comp. I mean I love every comp but this is one of my favorite. You should wake-up all the writers of this blog and bring them back into the blogging. This will bring your followers back but as I said I want to read and hear news from all the writers, not just from you. All this in positive way.

bracken1234 said...

That's a Great idea :) I Used to read this blog. Now I'm Back Reading it again :)

~ bracken1234

Anonymous said...

You can't keep posting alone, you need to get rid of all the other writers & get new ones regardless of if the owner is here or not. That's what other blogs have done whose owners have left. Most of the blogs advertised on this blog 'my blog list' are in the same situation (the owners have left or are on vacation)do what they've done. This blog has just one writer now, forget about the others hire new ones, then you'll get more followers. You can't do this alone.

Lolly140 said...

Wow ! Thats sounds awesome :) This is a great way to bring back the good old SMW !!! :)

keaiilah1 said...

thats awsome

keaiilah1 said...

thats awsome

Thefray101 said...

@Anon: I wish I could hire more writers, but I have no more authority of this blog than a writer. I cannot change anything ): I really wish I could; but it's probably against Jenna's wishes aswell.

Anonymous said...

DEMI_LOVANTO_2/ evanescenceakii said...

I am in again :D

DEMI_LOVANTO_2/ evanescenceakii said...

Aw and sth else, will the blog be active as it used to be?

keaiilah1 said...

so how many people are commenting so far and trying?

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