Monday, April 30, 2018

New Bonjour Bizou + April Diamonds

It's a start of a new week and we have a new release in Starplaza - it's the items that were seen in spoilers last week. I believe that no one was expecting it to be Bonjour Bizou, though.

We got almost an entire small floor of new items (with the exception of HB Yellow Sandals). The prices range between 5 and 18 (16) SD; there are no Starcoin items and also no Superstar/Royalty exclusive stuff.

What are your thoughts on this release? Did you/ Will you buy anything? Tell us in the comments below!

April Diamond Raffle

Sadly only five people submitted their favourite diamond-inspired item on Stardoll and I believe that's not enough for a raffle. I'm doing the same with emeralds in my May post, so better luck in the next month :)
And those five of you that took time to share their favourites - thank you nonetheless for your effort.

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