Tuesday, April 24, 2018

9to5 + Ugly Duckling Winner

There's a new 9 To 5 floor, with a sort of "explorer" theme - there's Safari, Archaeology and Botanist items. Kind of like Indiana Jones or Tomb Raider. Once again, we have clothing and interior.

It's definitely very different from the previous sets of very stereotypical, office-type and somewhat stereotypical-barbie type jobs.  I hope we get more along these lines!
Prices range from 5 to 30 sd and there are no starcoin items, unfortunately.

In otehr news, SCARPIN has won the Ugly Duckling Part 2 comp! Congrats. 

Only 11 of the 12 required people entered, but I've decided to not lower it much. You win 46sd! Please comment below on whether you'd like it in wishlisted items (if so, please state which or I'll gift at randmo) OR reserve an item to the total of 46 sd  to SunnySidesSue (INCLUDING TAX.)

I will be drawing the raffle winners on Friday and will tag them in that post.


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