Monday, January 29, 2018

WINNERS ANNOUNCED!!! New Sweet Suites + WIN $100sd shopping spree!


Hey all! All I can say is for the 1000th time sorry for not being around. As much as I want to be here, I can't make any promises because I am just too insanely busy. I will probably not have consistent time or energy until May. I can't even go back and do old comps, so I apologize for that as well.

The writers seem to be doing a great job keeping it up, but I am sure they can't do it forever. So thank you again. Special thanks to Ashleybab93 who seems to be working her buns off to keep things going. I will place her in charge when I am absent,  if she is willing to accept it (I will get in touch with you this week on Stardoll so we can talk).

I will try and do my best to pop in as often as I can. For example I am not as busy today, so I was able to get on.

However, If posting stops I will sadly have to close the blog, so if there are others who can help again let me know. As I have said before it would be great to keep this blog going as a community. Even if you can only post now and again everything helps!

Also, if you are a member of this blog and have an active club with comps or cycles and want to have a place to post that information let me know. It would be great to have some new content on the blog and bring other members in.


Looks like there is a new Sweet Suites.

What do you think about the newest items?

I like the little unicorn statue, Very cute!

So, now is the time to show me what you have been doing with your suites!

Show me your latest room and you could

win $100sd Sweet Suites shopping spree.

Winner will be chosen randomly

Open for 24 hours

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