Monday, June 20, 2016

Marc Jacobs Tribute in Starplaza! COMP AND GIVEAWAY!

Comp and Giveaway details at the bottom!

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Marc Jacobs Tribute is out! Even though Stardoll is currently not loading for me *grrr*.

What do you think of the collection?

There's a lot of black but I love the coats (minus the baby hand) and a few of the other pieces!


You know how it works! A new release, a new comp! Show us your BEST Marc Jacobs styled outfit and post it in comments!

~The first 5-10 people to post an outfit THAT CATCHES MY EYE (meaning not just thrown together and you really try) will win a Marc Jacobs Tribute item of their choice. 

Be sure to list your Stardoll name and specify the item in comments. Also please place it in your wish list.


~The best outfit will win $200sd or SS upgrade (NS only) or the equivalent amount in gifts.

NO PHOTO EDITING (other than background)

~Atleast 1 MAIN piece of clothing must be from this tribute (Can accessorize with other items). 
~Can be created in Starplaza
~Take a screen print. 
~ Screen print should be large and clear. Be sure to crop so it only shows your entry.
~Post pic in comments
~Don't forget to leave your STARDOLL NAME
~One entry per person
~No cheating

Entries due by Midnight Wed June 22nd, 2016 USA EST.

 TIME ZONE HELP: It's very easy, just put in my timezone (12:00am USA-New York) and your location in the area where you want to convert it to. Voila! It will tell you what time 12 midnight is where you live :)
Also an easier one:

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