Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Fashion Adviser: New Year's Eve

 Hola amigos! You can call me The Fashion Adviser, there is no other name. I am the mother of good taste and I decided to share it with you. This blog has been long dead and I plan to shake it up a little. This is just the beginning. If it isn't obvious I will talk fashion. I am starting with the new year's eve outfit idea.
Disclaimer: I don't own this graphic, it is from Fresh Faces. I am just using it because it's pretty.
Now to the image I do own. New years needs some sparkle. I used this dress I had in my closet for a long time in order to creact a long asymmetric skirt to add just that. Then I went with a minimalistic shirt over in a creme color. I decided to acessorize this look in and unexpected way by adding the DKNY red headband. I finally finished it with matching shoes inspired by versus.

Do you want to be featured here? Leave you stardoll name and your best look for New Year's eve in comments.

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♥Rosie♥ said...

The outfit I'm wearing :)

~ Rose_Jean

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