Thursday, July 20, 2017


Hello, everyone!
I know I'm posting thist a bit earlier than usual, but I'll be in Vienna between July 26th and 30th, so I'm trying to do certain things before that.

Everything else is just as we are all used to it 😉

If you celebrate your birthday in the month of August and would like to have a TOPIC feature about you, please leave a comment below with your STARDOLL USERNAME and your BIRTHDATE.

To participate, you must be active on Stardoll and in this blog.

I hope you are all well and if it's hot wherever you are, I hope you found a ways to cool down (and vice versa, of course).

Love, Anja

PS: Do you know, if there are any poppy-themed items on Stardoll at the moment (or if they were in the past)? Thank you.

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