Sunday, December 9, 2018

Chat #22

This week's Featured Member is Exabella, nominated by Giniaparks

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Day 4 of our 12 Days of Christmas Challenges!


Get inspired by Christmas decorations! Use MAINLY "Christmasish" decor to create your outfit.
You can use other items to complete your look, but the majority of your outfit should be made with decor. 

*"Christmasish" decor can be any decor that can pass as Christmassy*
(ie; holiday themed, glittery or holiday colors)

WIN $100sd

~Post pic in comments
~Can be created in a Starplaza, scenery, album or wherever as long as it is not photoshopped
~Don't forget your Stardoll name
~Ends Dec 21, 2018

~Entries posted within 24 hours qualify for a raffle to win an item from your WL.

~Don't forget 12 Days of Giveaways at the blog!


Christmas market is open!

Are you ready to stuff your virtual pocket with christmas-y stuff?

Christmas for me is not only about receiving, but rather about giving. That's why I launched Christmas Market last year and I'm glad it became a short of tradition with seasonal markets.
Thank you so much for participating in them.


- This is for ACTIVE members only. I'll personally check all your activity. In case you are new to our community, please don't be let down. Continue to be active and you'll be able to take part in upcoming markets. (:
- Because of timezones, the market will be open from now till December 24th 19:00 CET.
- Write in the comments under what item/s you would like. Please only choose the items you REALLY want and will use it. If someone already picked the ones you want, you can outbid them. All bids start with 1 sd/1 sc(aka the minimum).
- always post your bid under the post of the last bidder as a reply
- Starcoin items will be sold ONLY for starcoins and stardollar items for stardollars. No exceptions.  


Saturday, December 8, 2018

Weekend OOTD - Stripped with B&W Results

Hey dolls, I know this is super late, and yet again I am doing the results without a poll but I got insanely busy with college life. For those of you who have me on Snapchat or Instagram, you'll know that not only have I had a lot going on with school but my social life has been crazy and I'm very involved with a student organization, obviously it has to do with sports, and this has allowed me to meet several people in the industry including executives and professional athletes. 

Before I announce the winners, I'd like your opinion. I will have a lot of free time over break so I'll be able to prepare several Weekend OOTD's in advance as well as result posts. Would you guys like to continue with Weekend OOTD starting after the New Year's or not. Or is there another type of contest you'd like me to prep for? 

Congrats to safakyildizi for winning 50 SD! Winner of the 20 SD raffle for those who entered both days is Exabella

Please claim prizes in the comments. Currently I'm not an SS, so keep this in mind when claiming prizes. 



Day 3 of our 12 Days of Christmas Challenges!
I hope you guys are enjoying these so far!


Have you been naughty or nice this year? Probably a little bit of both?

Well whatever you have been, Santa knows!

Create an outfit that is a mix of naughty AND nice
This can be holiday themed or not, be creative.
Like sweet and sassy we want to see BOTH elements in your outfit. 
Something sweet with a hint of bad or vice versa.

An example could be bad girl/good girl, bike/princess, devil/angel etc..

Feel free to use a background if it helps your theme.

WIN $100sd

~Post pic in comments
~Can be created in a Starplaza
~Don't forget your Stardoll name
~Ends Dec 21, 2018

~Entries posted within 24 hours qualify for a raffle to win an item from your WL.

~Don't forget 12 Days of Giveaways at the blog!


Friday, December 7, 2018


Day 2 of our 12 Days of Christmas Challenges!

Yes, for any of you here in 2016 this is one of the ones we are repeating, 
but why not.. it was so much fun!


Get inspired by those Christmas lights! Embrace color!
Create a bright, bold, fun look from head to toe!

WIN $100sd

~Post pic in comments
~Can be created in Starplaza
~Don't forget your Stardoll name
~Ends Dec 21, 2018

Entries posted within 24 hours qualify for a raffle to win an item from your WL.


How did everyone like the new LE collection? For some reason I always buy way too much if I'm online and then have buyers remorse. I get things that I'm not even sure if I like because I think I'll regret not getting them later. Whereas if I am not online it doesn't even bother me. I don't know why!

Prices range from 51sd to 158sd so quite expensive as usual, but you do get the 

Fendi headband for free!

Here is Lolitka1444 wearing it!

Anyway, what did you buy? What was your favorite or least favorite item?
Tell us in comments!


Head over to the club (HOTBUYS_BAZAAR) to get in on our 12 Days of Giveaways starting today with LE!


Thursday, December 6, 2018


Hey everyone!!! Happy Holidays!

Today we start our 12 Days of Christmas Celebration!
These challenges are being hosted in collaboration with our sister club .Boookay.
So thank you Alex for helping sponsor the prizes!

We will post a new challenge everyday! You will have until the 21st to enter each comp.

Each day there will be a raffle to win an item from your WL for those who enter within 24 hours.

I have tried to incorporate some new challenges this year, but some will be the same or similar to those I did in 2016. I hope you will all enter, be creative and have fun doing it!

The comp will also be posted at our blogs each day, but we prefer entries to be posted here at the blog for judging convenience.

Create the perfect RED and GREEN holiday look! You can use as much or as little of each color as you want but both colors must be included in the look!

~Can be casual or dressy. It's up to you
~Don't forget your Stardoll name
~Post pic in comments
~Can be made in Starplaza
~Min 10 entries
~Multiple prizes

WIN $100sd

~Open until Dec 21, 2018
*Entries posted within 24 hours will be included in our raffle to win a WL item.* 
~winners in comments


~Secret Santa sign ups (Sunday)
~@ Club HotBuys_Bazaar we will be giving a way an item everyday from different shops until Christmas! Look for the post at the club later today or tomorrow!


Holiday Facts no.1: Santa Claus

I asked you like a week ago if you would like to have some 'cultural' posts that are not really related to Stardoll. Many of you gave me positive feedback, so here comes the first one.

Today I'm going to write about Santa Claus / Father Christmas / St. Nicholas. 

So who was the man behind this name? 
St. Nicholas was a bishop, who lived in Myra (today's Turkey) around the 4th century. He was a very rich man, but helpful as well.
He secretly gave gifts to the poor. The most famous story about St. Nicholas tells how the custom of hanging up stockings to put presents in first started!

There was a poor man who had three daughters. The man was so poor that he did not have enough money for a dowry so his daughters couldn't get married. One night, Nicholas secretly dropped a bag of gold down the chimney and into the house. This meant that the oldest daughter was then able to be married. The bag fell into a stocking that had been hung by the fire to dry! This was repeated later with the second daughter. Finally, determined to discover the person who had given him the money, the father secretly hid by the fire every evening until he caught Nicholas dropping in a bag of gold. Nicholas begged the man to not tell anyone what he had done because he did not want to bring attention to himself. But soon the news got out and when anyone received a secret gift, it was thought that maybe it was from Nicholas.
Even though he was so kind, and made a Saint, he got exiled during the reign of Diocletian. He died on the 6th of December.

How Saint Nicholas became Santa Claus and Father Christmas? 

His story and tradition became unpopular later, in the 16th century, but someone had to bring presents to children, so he became 'Father Christmas' or 'Old Man Christmas', an old character from stories plays during the middle ages in the UK and parts of northern Europe. 

In some countries including parts of Austria and Germany, present giver became the 'Christkind' a golden-haired baby, with wings, who symbolizes the newborn baby Jesus.

In the early USA, his name was 'Kris Kringle' (from the Christkind). Later, Dutch settlers in the USA took the old stories of St. Nicholas with them and Kris Kringle and St Nicholas became 'Sinterklaas' or as we now say 'Santa Claus'!

Many countries, especially ones in Europe, celebrate St. Nicholas' Day on 6th December. Children leave clogs or shoes out on the 5th December (St. Nicholas Eve) to be filled with presents.
St. Nicholas became popular again in the Victorian era when writers, poets, and artists rediscovered the old stories.

In 1823 the famous poem 'A Visit from St. Nicholas' or 'T'was the Night before Christmas', was published. The poem describes St. Nicholas with eight reindeer and gives them their names. They became really well known in the song 'Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer'.

The UK Father Christmas and the American Santa Claus became more and more alike over the years and are now one and the same.

Some people say that Santa lives at the North Pole. In Finland, they say that he lives in the north part of their country called Lapland.

But everyone agrees that he travels through the sky on a sledge that is pulled by reindeer, that he comes into houses down the chimney at night and places present for the children in socks or bags by their beds, in front of the family Christmas tree, or by the fireplace.

I got some sweets today from my roommate, and I guess at home my family is going to give me some more. It doesn't matter how old you are, I think, a little kindness makes you feel better.

I hope you enjoyed this little summary and will read the upcoming ones.

At what time do you usually celebrate Father Christmas / Santa Claus / Saint Nicholas day? What kind of presents do you get?

6th Calendar gift

Hi everyone!
It's Thursday, the 6th of December, which means 3 important things. One: Weekend is not so far. ;) Two: New Calendar gift, and three: Santa visited many of us during the night.

Today's Calendar gift is a Santa Pillow and costs 8 stardollars.

This can be the real-life version is the Don't Stop Believin' Christmas Pillow from Carolina Pottery.

Do you like it? Are you going to buy it? :) 


Wednesday, December 5, 2018


Hello dolls,

The blog has been kinda slow lately and I know most of you have finals and exams. Wanted to wish you all good luck.

Remember to stay hydrated, eat well, rest up. 💧 đŸ„˜ đŸ’€

Take a small break from studying. 📚  Writing and repetition is key to remembering material.

Hang in there the semester is almost over and winter break will be here before you know it.

We’re here for you when you need help or a break.

Ace those tests.


The talked about Callie's Picks's Jingle Bell Rock collection is now in the starplaza! 
There are lots of festive things to add to your wardrobe, so hopefully everyone will find at least 1 thing to bring them joy. Prices range from 8sd to 40sd if count the Gucci interior and there are several starcoin items too!

What do you guys thing of the collection?

I am not going to do a comp or giveaway for these because our 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION will start tomorrow! Very excited and hope you all participate. There will loads of opportunities to win things and hopefully spark your creativity!


5th Holiday Calendar item

Happy Wednesday everyone!

We got to the 5t item of this year's calendar, and it's a decor item again. The Christmas Plate is in starcoins and costs 120. I already bought one, this is so cute!

I found the real-life version at a wallpaper page, so the brand is unknown, but the inspiration is totally from there:

Do you like this decoration? Do you have any wished items for the Calendar?


Tuesday, December 4, 2018


*See featured comment for winner!*

Please choose your top 3 favorite outfits!

~Open for 24 hours



*See featured comment for winner!*

Please choose your top 3 favorite outfits

-Open for 24 hours


4th Calendar item

Hi everyone!

It's a new day, and the 4th Holiday Calendar item is here. It's Shearling Ankle Boots and costs 15 stardollars. For me, it's a no, and according to the 4 released items the Calendar is disappointing too.

It real life version is from Saint Laurent

What do you think about it? Are you going to buy it?


Monday, December 3, 2018

Uglies Boa WINNER


Sorry for this being so late. All the issues with disqus put this well behind.  Many thanks to Anja for sending the images!

I have to say, I am really proud of how creative everyone got with this challenge, though! It definitely would have been a hard one to judge... So good luck picking your top 3 to vote for! Closes in 48 hours, winner will be announced on this post.


3rd holiday calendar item

Happy new week, everyone!

It's a new day and that means a new calendar item!
It is another SC item, priced 120 (108) SC. It's a reindeer light string and it's absolutely adorable :)

I believe this is the RL inspiration (or at least very close to it):

xoxo, Anja :)

New Sweet Suites released!

This week leaves no feeling of Christmas which is weird. December is officially Christmas month.

There is one new floor. Prices range between 38 and 4 sd. There are no starcoin items, but there is a small pig you can buy.

What do you think about this release? Are you buying anything?

Chat #21

This week's featured member is Rasrix , nominated by whoisashleigh

I'm glad to see more people using the tag last week, it made my job both easier and harder to choose between them all. 

Just a heads up, I usually have picked a feature by Sunday Morning in New Zealand / Saturday Evening  USA as these posts need to be written up and scheduled in advance. So any tags after that are unlikely to be seen, sorry.  Though I am trying to do daily posts features too so to spread the love a little :)


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Sunday, December 2, 2018

2nd Calendar item

Hello everyone!

The 2nd Holiday Calendar item is available now, and it's a Menorah. It costs 110 starcoins, and I think it's a really nice item.

Yesterday's dress costs 15-20 dollars in real life and is in stardollars. This menorah's real-life version is from Neinman Marcus and costs 2700 dollars, and we can buy it in starcoins. Interesting...

Do you like this Calendar item? Show how you decorate your room with it! :) 


Saturday, December 1, 2018


Hello, lovely people!
Can you believe that there's only this month between now and the new year? To me, it went by absolutely too fast. If you celebrate any of the holidays taking place in December, are you excited for them? And now, withouth much further ado, let's dive into the last montly post of the year. Enjoy!

December is the twelfth and final month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian Calendars and is the seventh and last of seven months to have a length of 31 days.

December got its name from the Latin word decem (meaning ten) because it was originally the tenth month of the year in the Roman calendar, which began in March. The winter days following December were not included as part of any month. Later, the months of January and February were created out of the monthless period and added to the beginning of the calendar, but December retained its name.

December contains the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, the day with the fewest daylight hours, and the summer solstice in the Southern Hemisphere, the day with the most daylight hours (excluding polar regions in both cases). December in the Northern Hemisphere is the seasonal equivalent to June in the Southern Hemisphere and vice versa. In the Northern hemisphere, the beginning of the astronomical winter is traditionally 21 December or the date of the solstice.

December's birth flower is the narcissus.
December's birthstones are the turquoise, zircon, and tanzanite.
The zodiac signs for the month of December are Sagittarius (until December 21) and Capricorn (December 22 onwards).

Narcissus is a genus of predominantly spring perennial plants of the Amaryllidaceae (amaryllis) family. Various common names including daffodil, daffadowndilly, narcissus and jonquil are used to describe all or some members of the genus. Narcissus has conspicuous flowers with six petal-like tepals surmounted by a cup- or trumpet-shaped corona. The flowers are generally white or yellow (also orange or pink in garden varieties), with either uniform or contrasting coloured tepals and corona.

Narcissus were well known in ancient civilisation, both medicinally and botanically, but formally described by Linnaeus in his Species Plantarum (1753). The genus is generally considered to have about ten sections with approximately 50 species. The number of species has varied, depending on how they are classified, due to the similarity between species and hybridisation. The genus arose sometime in the Late Oligocene to Early Miocene epochs, in the Iberian peninsula and adjacent areas of southwest Europe.

The species are native to meadows and woods in southern Europe and North Africa with a centre of diversity in the Western Mediterranean, particularly the Iberian peninsula. Both wild and cultivated plants have naturalised widely and were introduced into the Far East prior to the tenth century.
 Like other members of their family, narcissi produce a number of different alkaloids, which provide some protection for the plant, but may be poisonous if accidentally ingested. This property has been exploited for medicinal use in traditional healing and has resulted in the production of galantamine for the treatment of Alzheimer's dementia. Long celebrated in art and literature, narcissi are associated with a number of themes in different cultures, ranging from death to good fortune, and as symbols of spring. The daffodil is the national flower of Wales and the symbol of cancer charities in many countries. The appearance of the wild flowers in spring is associated with festivals in many places.

Turquoise is an opaque, blue-to-green mineral that is a hydrated phosphate of copper and aluminium, with the chemical formula CuAl6(PO4)4(OH)8·4H2O. It is rare and valuable in finer grades and has been prized as a gemstone and ornamental stone for thousands of years owing to its unique hue. In recent times, turquoise has been devalued, like most other opaque gems, by the introduction onto the market of treatments, imitations and synthetics.

The gemstone has been known by many names. Pliny the Elder referred to the mineral as callais (from Ancient Greek ÎșÎŹÎ»Î±ÏŠÏ‚) and the Aztecs knew it as chalchihuitl. The word turquoise dates to the 17th century and is derived from the French turquois for "Turkish" because the mineral was first brought to Europe through Turkey, from mines in the historical Khorasan Province of Persia.

Zircon is a mineral belonging to the group of nesosilicates. Its chemical name is zirconium silicate, and its corresponding chemical formula is ZrSiO4.

The natural colour of zircon varies between colourless, yellow-golden, red, brown, blue and green. Colourless specimens that show gem quality are a popular substitute for diamond and are also known as "Matura diamond".

The name derives from the Persian zargun, meaning "gold-hued". This word is corrupted into "jargoon", a term applied to light-coloured zircons. The English word "zircon" is derived from Zirkon, which is the German adaptation of this word. Yellow, orange and red zircon is also known as "hyacinth", from the flower hyacinthus, whose name is of Ancient Greek origin.
Zircon has played an important role during the evolution of radiometric dating. Zircons contain trace amounts of uranium and thorium and can be dated using several modern analytical techniques. Because zircons can survive geologic processes like erosion, transport, even high-grade metamorphism, they contain a rich and varied record of geological processes. Currently, zircons are typically dated by uranium-lead (U-Pb), fission-track, cathodoluminescence, and U+Th/He techniques. 

Tanzanite is the blue and violet variety of the mineral zoisite (a calcium aluminium hydroxyl sorosilicate) belonging to the epidote group. The gemstone was discovered by Manuel de Souza in the Mererani Hills of Manyara Region in Northern Tanzania in 1967, near the city of Arusha and Mount Kilimanjaro. Tanzanite is only found in Tanzania, in a very small mining area (approximately 7 km (4.3 mi) long and 2 km (1.2 mi) wide) near the Mirerani Hills.

Tanzanite is noted for its remarkably strong trichroism, appearing alternately blue, violet and burgundy depending on crystal orientation. Tanzanite can also appear differently when viewed under different lighting conditions. The blues appear more evident when subjected to fluorescent light and the violet hues can be seen readily when viewed under incandescent illumination. In its rough state tanzanite is coloured a reddish brown to clear, and it requires heat treatment to remove the brownish "veil" and bring out the blue violet of the stone.

Sagittarius (♐) is the ninth astrological sign, which is associated with the constellation Sagittarius and spans 240–270th degrees of the zodiac. Under the tropical zodiac, the sun transits this sign between approximately November 23 and December 21. Greek mythology associates Sagittarius with the centaur Chiron, who mentored Achilles, a Greek hero of the Trojan War, in archery.

Sagittarius, the half human and half horse, is the centaur of mythology, the learned healer whose higher intelligence forms a bridge between Earth and Heaven. Also known as the Archer, Sagittarius is represented by the symbol of a bow and arrow.

Along with Aries and Leo, Sagittarius is a part of the Fire Trigon as well as the last of the reproductive trinity. It also follows Gemini and Virgo as third of the mutable signs, which are the signs that feature changeable quality. The symbol of the zodiac sign is a Centaur armed with arrows following an old tradition coming from Ancient Greece and from other cultures of the past. The image of the sign says a lot about his features: he's able to be extremely violent or wise, brave or mild.

On Stardoll

As far as I can tell (and find), these two items are the only ones still available after the Black Friday sale and subsequent removal of the objects:
If you know of any other December symbols inspired items, let us know in the comments below. 

December birthdays:
December 1st: OhMySunshine
December 16th: oayes

If there's anyone else celebrating their birthday in the month of December, please leave a comment with your birthdate and Stardoll username. Birthday rules can be found HERE.
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