Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Stardoll's Most Wanted Magazine Casting

Hello everyone! I have recently spoken to Jenna about an awesome project that I need all of your help to complete!

That is the logo for out very own magazine! That's right, I need your help to create our magazine!

To make sure we have excellent quality we will only be making a few editions (F/W, S/S) a year. We need a great team to help if interested!

What we need!

- Graphic Designers -

If you love making computer art and know how to make a "Stardoll Graphic", and use Gimp, or Photoshop then you are needed!

What you will do:

Make 2-5 graphics per issue using given references, and models

To apply post your username, and a few photos of graphic design in the comments!

- Writers -

If you love to write articles on anything related to FASHION, TRENDS, and INTERESTING TOPICS, then we need you!

What you will do:

Find a nice story related to Stardoll's Most Wanted fashion (TRENDS, FASHIONISTA's) and highlight them!

To Apply post your username, and any references to blogs, fashion posts you've done!

- Models -

If you want to grace the pages as a BEAUTIFUL face in the issues of Stardoll's Most Wanted magazine, then we need you!

What you will do:

You will model for 1-2 graphics in the issue you were casted in!

To apply, post your username in the comments!


EMAIL with an email you can use for SMW related topics your interest as well so I can get back to you if we decide to move further on together! Thank you!

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