Sunday, September 2, 2018

Interviews Are Back (Can You Guess The Doll?)

Hello Dolls, and welcome back to our Sit Down where we got to know you in the community, This time I want you to read first and see if you can guess who our doll is for this segment. Doll will be revealed in a day, so post your guesses below. Lets get started 

Who are you?

Hello everyone! My name is Anna and I am 16 years old. Coming up with my username, I remember, was pretty hard. I was thinking of what to put, something nice, and also creative. It took a few tries, but then I came up with the username. I am actually brave in real life too, so that is why that idea would come to my mind.

What brought you to stardoll, how long have you been playing, and what do you like most?

I remember in 2012, one of my friends showed me this game. Being that I was 10 years old, I didn't open an account but just thought of the game, and how amazing it looked. Then, as years passed, I was looking for dress up games (I was 13 1/2 at the time) and I joined in April 2016. Two years have passed, and now here I am, still playing this game. I have found amazing friends here, who are always there for me.

How did you find SMW, and what do you like about it?

I am not clearly sure, but I do remember Jane aka (lolitka1444) told me about it one day. I became curious and checked it out, then becoming a member of SMW I became involved in entering contests, posting my outfit of the day everyday, and so on. My favorite part of SMW community is that you can make great friends. I have found some real friends here, some sweet dolls, who are always there for you whenever you need their help. I like SMW, and this is a blog where you can make real true friendships, talk to amazing dollies, and win contests. What else could someone ask for? I thank Jenna, Lucy, Bella, Anja, Agnes, Aniyah for all their help to making this a fun place.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself

I always change my outfit more than 5 times a day in stardoll, I just love playing around with my wardrobe, making my doll pretty, and elegant every day! It's a beautiful dress up game, to be honest.

Are you going back to school?

What are your must haves to get you through the year?

Yes, I am going back to school soon. Summer passed very quickly again, and I actually can't wait for this school year. My must haves to get through the year would be good friendships (of course), amazing grades, and of course nice professors.

Outside of stardoll are there other games you play?

No, stardoll is the only game I play. If I'm not playing Stardoll then I'm most definitely reading novels. I love reading too, most of my time goes to reading and stardoll.

What would you like to tell the SMW community?

I thank you all so much for your friendship. You have made my day fun, by being here and always talking to me with kindness. Thank you for everything, for your friendship, for these beautiful days, which I will never forget. :) Be strong, be brave, and catch your dreams. :) Thank you for having the patience to read this. It means a lot to have this honor. :)

Check back to see if you guessed right
Until Next Time

It seems that the community knows Bri very well since most of you got it right.


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