Sunday, September 2, 2018

Weekend OOTD - Stripped with Black & White

Hey Dollies! It's Aniyah here, back with Weekend OOTD! My first week of college was a whirlwind, I had some amazing classes, met awesome new friends and hooked up with a cute guy. But I also had issues with my roommate, met some really rude people on my floor and have one of the worst professors on campus. My first day, and so far only was Thursday when I wore my stripped Barcelona jersey, that inspired me to create this weekend's theme. But there is a twist, you must use a Black and White Stripped item, other colors will only be accepted if you have black and white as well. If you need clarification, please message me. 

Here are some of my favorite examples. I tried to find looks that show different types of stripes, not just what you typically see. 

Here is a picture of David Beckham in B&W Stripped Tee!

If we get 35+ entries the prize will be 50 SD, if not it'll be 35 SD :)

1. Each doll gets one entry each on Saturday & Sunday (those who enter both days will be entered into a raffle) 
2. Voting will occur on Tuesday, no fakes are allowed to be used
3. Post your USERNAME & DATE along with your outfit below on this post
4. Entries are accepted on Monday for both days for those who are busy on the weekend.
5. StarPlaza entries are accepted,  but keep in mind that suite looks rate more highly than plaza looks.

Stay Stylish,


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