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July 2018 Recap

July has been one of the busiest months on Stardoll all year! Here's what happened:

Anna Sui

It's been a long time since the last Anna Sui tribute, and while we were all pleasantly surprised by the choice of brand, reactions to its contents were very mixed.

Some praised the details and statement prints while others likened it to the travesty that was LE in June. Many abhorred the bold, over-the-top prints and flat-looking shading, while the interesting cuts made for tricky layering.

Overall, most were happy to see an old brand revived, and looked forward to seeing what came next.

Marta-43 certainly layered it up:

Anyone familiar with Stardoll's club cycles is keeping a close eye on this lot! 

The majority of SMW members are more into fashion than decor, so most weren't too fussed by Villa. 

Those that did take a look, praised the graphics and concept, but were underwhelmed by the bathroom theme and continual lack of decent starcoin interior items.

Influencer App

We got free shirts... and a rather sub-par, uninteresting app. Am I disapointed I wasted precious minutes and memory downloading it? Absolutely, and that's reflected by every single review on both the Android and Apple stores. And we can all agree, we'd rather Stardoll fix their glitches and work on the website, rather than produce useless apps that nobody asked for.

Regardless, Giniaparks made out like a youtuber with her free shirt:


Alexander Wang

This tribute had a very warm reception, with many praising the unique items, decent graphics and neutral colours. It quickly dominated the 'Most Popular' item section of the plaza.

Not everyone was a fan, though, with some disliking how awkwardly shaped many items are, and others had issues with how 'Winter' it was... well, for those like me in the Southern hemisphere, it IS winter and I always hate all the bikinis that come out while I'm buried in a mountain of blankets! So bring on the mid-July trench coats, I say!

Andreababy05 went all out with it -


Once again, nobody really wanted a BP release, but we got one anyway. Some were decent, the graphics were a mixed bag, and the prices were wonderfully low...

And yet, few of us cared. Why? Well, first of all, we already have some of these from other stores - and what's more, they're in your suite! So what was the point in making parlor versions?

 We're are sick of un-layerable, un-removable BP items that are often difficult, if not impossible, to style with wigs and clothes. So I suspect that, even if these were the most incredible looking, super-stylish, super cheap release of glasses ever, we'd still be entirely unhappy with it.

Re- Le

Most of us were, at best, underwhelmed, and at worst, outright horrified. That stardoll chose the 10th season of Limited Edtition to release instead of an earlier, more popular one left many feeling let down, given the previous version of RE-LE used the very first, very sought-after season. Combined the old graphics, doubled costs and bland new interior meant that, several weeks later, the majority of the collection has yet to sell out.

Mamerala at least, embraced the neon green:


Aniyah as Writer

We welcome Aniyah-xxxx as writer - and update the sidebar.


Feelings were once again mixed, both in terms of the various graphic qualities, and the items chosen overall.  The jackets, skirts, and menswear proved popular and gained much praise, while the shirts, dresses and shoes left most feeling let down

BBLVGHLV rocked it:

Callie's Picks

The 'Summer Breeze' and apparently polka-dotted, feminine and blue theme was met with a resounding 'meh' from the community. It's quite literally nothing new, so no-one cared about it that much.


The interior met with much fanfair and praise, and the graphics overall were well recieved. But most of us were hoping for much more versatile pieces, as opposed to big flouncy gowns. But, Miss Stardoll World is just around the corner, so perhaps Stardoll was just thinking ahead?

giannoula5 definitely layered it up:

Louis Vuitton

Of all the tributes, this one had the most extreme reactions. Many adored the statement items and texture graphics, while other abhorred the recoloured mens' outfits, weird prints and difficult-to-incorporate shapes.

lovelovelove134 gave the yellow pants a go:

We had nothing but horror, unhappiness, and outright disgust when it came to this release. Many looked more like cheap Halloween costumes than actual flight attendants and astronauts. The items were often connected - like shirts with ties - rather than separate pieces, rendering many useless for styling with. And, the 9to5 circle on the plane once again renders an otherwise useful interior as annoyingly and unavoidably  tacky.

Yet More LE

Barely a month after the last LE travesty, and less than a week after RE-LE, we have yet another LE collection. Nobody wanted it, nobody asked for it, and nobody really liked it.

And yet, due to extremely limited item numbers, combined with the true trashiness of the previous two Limited collections, almost the entire store sold out within minutes.

Lula, at least, seems to have enjoyed it:

Off White

Compared to the previous incarnation of this tribute, this version was quite the let-down. Most people were apathetic at best, with most agreeing the collection wasn't awful - it just wasn't anything special, either. The all-pink mannequin prove to have the most popular pieces, while the duplicate male outfits had many feeling betrayed.

WildChrissie certainly pinked this town:


While the sheer dresses were met with much praise, the bikini pieces, shoes, and flamingo bag were met with generally medicore reviews, while the sunhat inspired much hatred and a general sense of disgust - which turned out to be less a fault of Stardoll's design skills for once, and instead, just a terrible choice of a truly hideous real version.

What are you hoping for next month?
Are you looking forward to the start of MSW - or dreading it?


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