Thursday, July 5, 2018

The Uglies: Leopard Print Sequin Poncho

In the old days, Stardoll had a variety of 'Hidden Stores' - including a variety of real world brands. You can still find some of these items in the catalog or by following their old links.

So, this time, you'll need to style the J C Penny: Leopard Print Sequin Poncho!

You can either search for it via colour in the plaza, OR click HERE to receive it in your dressing room.

Prize is 24 sd  / Due July 9th

Subject to change based off entry numbers.

ps: The Bonita winner was announced on the original post.  I apologize for whatever happened with my posts last week, I am traveling and not using my usual device. Should be home and posting normally by Monday!



- Item must be identifiable within your outfit.
- Only one entry per person
- You can use your suite, or the plaza.
No weird cropping. We only need your outfit, not your whole suite!
No Photoshop or other editing may be used
- Remember to include your username!

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