Monday, July 30, 2018


Disqus has been eating comments on the Chat 2 page  - and I suspect it has eaten comments posted elsewhere as well.

Basically, some will show up to some people, but not to others. Some will show up on the moderation panel, but not on the actual post. And some will be fine on the post, but not show up on the mod panel.

Quite simply, I have neither the knowledge or power necessary to do anything about this. I know it is not SDC, bots, members, or spammers, this is an issue with Disqus itself.

WRITERS - Please void posting any more comps until this can be sorted or disqus replaced. Otherwise, there's a chance entries may be lost to the void and that would be very unfair.

USERS - Please be patient. I'm afraid I may need to have a third chat page set up with a different forum, instead of disqus. I will update this once I am back from my lecture class. If you can avoid using chat, please do.

Image result for problem image
Please join our (kind of ancient) club, - I have set up a temporary chat page. It will be awkward, but it's all we have for the moment.

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