Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Chat Page 3... Probably

Disqus seems to be back to normal (yay!) though I still don't actually know what went wrong :(


Chat away on this page, and I will keep an eye on the mod page while I can.

Until Jenna returns, I have no power to understand what happened, nor can I promote more mods, so I'm as frustrated and clueless as the rest of you about this.


I could remove the current disqus and replace it with a new system, or simply a different disqus portal. That way, I could set all the controls including new mods, and be able to control any future issues.


This would remove all the comments and threads that we have had up until now. They will exist in an archive, but only accessible to mods. Regular users and members wouldn't be able to see them. Since we've had disqus for years, this will be thousands of comments vanished, possibly for good.

Feel free to chat away, and give your opinnions on this.


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