Friday, June 1, 2018

May 2018 Recap

It's Monthly Recap time again!

This store was largely well received, though personally, the more I looked the less I liked it. The only starcoin item was the back piece of a coat, which was rather disappointing. (I also managed to somehow spell it “bnojour dizoue” twice while blogging.)

No-one was particularly impressed, though generally Beauty Parlor items are less-liked than suite ones.

There’s also this awkward moment, where the in-suite, Tingeling version (left) for 4sd less than the less detailed beauty parlor version (right.)

We’re all in agreement here - Voile’s prices have hit cringe-worthy heights, though they're undeniably very pretty items.

WildChrissie dressed it like a pro, though.

Once again, there was a bit of a mixed reception, with the “man” and “woman” skirt/short things once again confusing us all. Also, the fact we only had an Evil Panda release in March, when usually we’d get a Spring/Autumn or Summer/Winter collection, and this time it’s almost Spring/Summer?  Oh well, who knows with Stardoll!

Regardless, giannoula5 definitely rocked the Sheer Tulle Skirt!

The Met Gala

Not strictly on Stardoll, but definitely and iconic fashion moment, so of course the Chat section was filled with fun, inspired outfits!

Oayes / arwin_linda / aquastar221

Le Decor

Once again, LE decor came with an odd assortment of under-priced and overpriced items.

RIOT styled up the very pink interior:

My former Goth heart was broken by this impostor of a store. It's once again just Nelly in black-and-red. Overall, opinions were very divided, with some liking the street-style vibe and praising the graphics while others just not liking any of it, or being downright offended.

Ashleighbaby93 styled the most popular item, the cape.


Nobody wanted it, but we got it anyway. It's just as expensive as buying stardesign contours, and has all the same issues as them too. Not to mention, we're all pretty certain we've had neck contours before, only, they mysteriously vanished... they did eventually update it so that they would be layered underneath clothes, but also made it all SS-only.

I think this says it all, though. Sunglases boobs, anyone? How about owl-eyes? Kim K might be jealous, at least.

This new store had relatively positive reviews, with most praising the ability to buy plants separate to their pots.

This time, Young Hollywood chose to celebrate the Royal Wedding. Nobody was impressed with the release, with weird graphics, odd outfit choices, and a theme more suited to some other, non-limited release.

The biggest praise was for...the Amal headpiece, styled here by CosimaSaskia

Having one limited release immediately after the other is an odd decisions on Stardoll' part, but nevertheless, they did it. 

The release had medium-to-mixed reviews. Anya-Samantha rocked out in this sheer coat:


While most people appreciated this collection, it wasn't without it's issues - as AmethistKraken discovered, these shoes are hardly thigh-friendly, and highlight how little Stardoll has done to acknowledge the different shapes of women and men, even within their own game, which is just such a shame.

And that's it!

What did you enjoy - or not - from this month?


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