Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Happy Birthday eirisandersen!

Our resident Columbian glamour girl an sequin lover tells us how it is with these recent looks:

I must say I love her use of the recent WOTW cape-coat, it's definitely very glam yet understated:

And of course, a blast from the past features a definitely unique dress in a luxurious suite room:

Make sure to click HERE to visit, wish her the best birthday, and maybe even give a little gift!

Just as Jenna and all our writers put effort into making this a great blog to follow, there are also so many wonderful contributing members, who we hope to honor by making these posts on such very special days.

Some people win, some people don't, but it's always nice to share the love. 
Gifts are not compulsory, but very much appreciated.

Birthday tips can be found HERE.

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