Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Callie's Picks

Hello, dollies! 

Recently Callie's Picks were released. The theme obviously is the upcoming World Cup, and there are 3 new floors. Prices range between 11-18 sds, which is expensive, as we used to have those dresses for starcoins. The sneakers and the cleats are the only starcoin items.

What really annoys me, that many nationalities didn't even qualified for the World Cup, and their uniform was released. Stardoll should check this out before they release something like this. I like football very much, and if I see any of those dresses for a good price I buy them, but now I'm not going to buy any of it. 
What about you? 
Do you like football, and have a favorite player?
Are you going to watch the World Cup? 
What are the nationalities you cheer for? 

(My favorites teams are the Spanish and the German, probably because of Real Madrid and Mesut Özil, haha :) )

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