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MeDoll of the Month: Lula.Osorio

Hello dolls, I've decided to bring back MeDoll of the Month featurette, I hope this will attract more users to be active on the blog and for you guys, to have 'an official' platform to show yourself to us, also let you know better the Doll behind the Doll.
First, I chose Lula.Osorio 
who always have been a great help and news source on the blog, both in comment and chat section. Let's get to know her better!

Tell me about yourself and your stardoll life!
My name is Luciana but you can call me Lula and I'm 24 years old. I studied clothing design, 
although I didn't finished it yet I intend to do it of course, and at this moment I'm studying a degree in tourism. I'm from Argentina. 

Kapcsolódó kép
The name Luciana means 'Light' in Latin. It's the feminine variation of the Ancient Roman family name Lucianus.

I got in touch with this game in 2010, I was in high school and my technology teacher gave 
me a talk about different types of social networks. At one point she told us that there was a game in which people could take the form of a doll, interact through chat with other people, dolls they could dress, build a house, comb, make up, buy clothes, something like a kind of "The Sims", which was called Stardoll.
The Sims 2: who doesn't remember this?

As always I am interested in everything that has to do with fashion, makeup, decorating rooms, all that is intrigued and that same afternoon I enter the game for the first time and today you see me here, this year I am already playing Stardoll for 8 years!
Celebrating 8 years of being stylish 

My style in real life is very simple, for a day at home or to go out, I like to stay cool and relaxed, I always wear jeans, shorts, some T-shirt or tops, sportswear too. I like to feel comfortable.
Rocking those jeans with a comfy sweater while still being stylish

And for something more important, night outs for example, I really like to wear dresses, long or short, I like jewelry a lot, for example chokers, big hoops, dropped-shouldered coats, shirts with skirts, and high-heeled shoes or boots. 

Things I can't never miss: things to shine, glitter, basic black or white clothes, a little pastels for summer and some flower print too.

She's hard to miss in all of her shine

What would you change in the game? 
Everything that is brand such as Gucci, Balenciaga or YSL I would love to have because in my country it is difficult to get and what little that can be within reach is really really expensive.
Képtalálat a következőre: „gucci bags”
Can't blame her. One of these can cost up around 2000 EUR.

What's your favourite thing about Stardoll?
What I like most about the game is the fact that you can buy clothes and dress, use different brands, styles, but also meet new people. Also being on the SMW blog, thanks to my participation here I was able to meet people, before that I was only playing the game, I didn't knew there a community about it as well, I love that!
Dramatic in Galliano

What would you change in the game if you could?
Remove some old shops that are already abandoned, also take out some beauty shops and I would go back to the time they where through social networks where you could see advertising and play guess what was coming. Make the bazaar a little more effective but REALLY. I would put more clothing for men in random stores. And especially more and more suite accessories! I would put more underwear too.
Underwear is not only for bedroom purposes...

What's your favourite store?
My favorite store is always Nelly, because it is a brand that allows you to visualize clothes that you could use in your real life.
But then we have more than a year without news about this store,so now I have to say that my most likeable store is Subcouture, I add that it have the concept of limited but in time and not in quantity and I like that, it's easy to access and what you could use in everyday life. 
I mean it's not Gucci, Prada or D&G, that you have to pay a lot to have them!
SubCouture Faux Fur Coat: 
imagine how much it would cost if it was LE or Antidote

What does fashion mean to you?
Once I heard Versace said that fashion represents your forgiveness, and I really think that's what fashion means for me. I think the way you dress really always goes in tune with your mood, with your way of being, if you feel good you dress well, if you are a person who likes to get attention you dress in a way and if you like to go unnoticed you dress yourself in another one... 
But something that I also find important to say is that "fashion doesn't bother" 
 It doesn't matter what is fashionable you always have to wear something that makes you feel comfortable and reflect who you really are, it's not necessary to change for the fact that it is what is in 'fashionable' at this moment. What matters is to see yourself well in the mirror and to please yourself!

Do you have any rolemodels?
If I have to choose a role model I would say that Cara Delevigne who I think is beautiful or Rihanna, that beyond that I love her music, seems to me very trendy. 
I also love her collaboration in the collections of Fenty x Puma. It seems to me that the style that Rihanna brings to the brand is fascinating!
They are BFFs: Cara Delevigne and Rihanna at the Met Ball in 2017

Thank you so much for taking your time to answer my question! Enjoy your gifts!

Thank your for reading!

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