Friday, February 2, 2018

RNTM Cycle 1: Semi-Finale Results + THE FINALE

The Final Girls
Episode 10
"The Reveal"

Well, welcome back to Roxanne's Next Top Model. Thank you for sticking through this Hiatus!

We had out top 4 models compete in a Geisha inspired beauty shot! All of the photos were so amazing!

Let's all give a well deserved round of applause to Jenifer, who has decided to drop out due to her injury's! She did an amazing job, and I just want to say that she is an amazing competitor!


Our final THREE

Now, onto our 2 Part FINALE

VOGUE JAPAN has invited you three to do an EPIC nature inspired cover for their valentines issue!

Ealain: You will be inspired by The Bonsai Tree

LoveFontinh: You will be inspired by the Sakura (cherry blossom)

Louisa.Karemina: You will be inspired by Bamboo

Make sure you edit your photo to LOOK LIKE a Vogue Japan cover! Use google translate to get the Japanese alphabet!

Your second task is an Editorial for VOGUE Japan.

You will create a very simple photo inspired by Mt. Fuji. However, you three will be focusing on three different themes for it.

Ealain: Your photo shoot will be portraying the life Fuji creates (scenery, ocean, people)

LoveFontinh: You will be featuring a HAUTE COUTURE dress inspired by Mt. Fuji

Louisa.Karemina: You will focusing on the Mythology surrounding Mt. Fuji

These are due February 9th 2018. From then, you will be walking the runway for a mystery designer! Stay tuned!


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