Sunday, February 11, 2018

RNTM Cycle 1: The Finale Part 1

Vogue Japan
Episode 11
"Finale Part 1"

Welcome back to Roxanne's Next Top Model! Last week our final 3 girls took part in an epic VOGUE JAPAN photoshoot. They shot a cover for Vogue Japan, and an editorial! 

Here are the photos! Keep in mind they will be critiqued in next weeks CROWNING!




I honestly think these photos are superb! They have all grown so much in the past months! I'm so proud of all three of you! Truly!

For your last task of SEASON 1, you will be walking in a ANNA SUI Fashion Show! Anna Sui is a Chinese American fashion designer! 

Here is the catch.
-You will create 1 MEGA look!
- it must be inspired by Anna Sui
-it must have a huge flowy train on it.
-You will be suspended in the air
- This is your runway

So make sure to edit your medoll into this background! 

Also, 3 people will primarily be walking in this fashion show.

Me, and 2 of you.

Which unfortunately means one of you is eliminated, and that is happening right now.

Based on your photo's today, the first model walking with ME in an ANNA SUI Fashion show is...

LOVE.FONTINH, your cover was so beautiful, and I think you really hit it out of the park. Your editorial however was OK, but it was still enough to snatch the best collection of photos this week!

Louisa.Karemina, and Ealain; For one of you, it ends here.

Louisa, throughout this cycle you have been consistent and have really made some beautiful photos. I think your editorial was the best this week! However, your cover was not so great!

Ealain, you have really shown the contestants who's boss, you have stumbled a bit here and there, but you have been so amazing all cycle! Your cover was ok, and I think you editorial was really beautiful! 

So, who is going to walk with Me, and LoveFontinh? 

Ealain, congratulations, you are still in the running towards becoming 
Roxanne's Next Top Model

Louisa, I think you should be so proud at how far you have come! Congratulations! I'm sorry it had to end so close to the finale, but you have a great future in modeling! 

Please note these tasks are due 2/16/18!


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