Thursday, February 15, 2018

HotBuys McQueen Inspired Lace Top

Hi dollies! Stardoll released the new HotBuy for this month, the McQueen Inspired Lace Top. It costs 18sd without discount, and can be found at Fallen Angel. I quite like the graphics of this item, although there's not much fantasy in the monthly HBs lately. You can check out the RLV of this item at the Inspired By blog. 

Tell your opinions about this HB, and show how you wear it! :) 

Also, don't forget to get you weekly SS gift, which is Trails Gemstone Crossbody Bag.

Finally, if you are an SS or Royalty, you receive a recolored Underneath Stardoll red lace underwear set and a cute white rat(?), holding a basket of flowers.


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