Friday, December 22, 2017

Christmas Undercover

It's the last weekend before Christmas. Are you excited? How are you going to spend Christmas Eve/Christmas day?

At first I wanted you to create red, green and white look for this one, but I liked one of the suggestions on my "Question" post better (I can't remember who was it and can't find that comment now). Thank you a lot for your help :)

This means that you have the entire colour palette minus those three colours to play with ;)


- Create a glamorous festive look WITHOUT using colours GREEN, RED and WHITE - it can be created in your suite OR plaza OR scenery OR using someone else's doll (in this case, write the username of the person whose doll you are using)
- Post your look in the comments below WITH YOUR USERNAME
- Competition closes on Friday, December 29th at 23:59 CET, click HERE to see what does that mean for you :)

All five winners will be announced AFTER the last one (in January). Each person can win only once (don't worry you can enter all of them).
Each winner will get 200 SD OR 4 weeks of Superstar membership


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