Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Our winner this weekend is Lula.Osorio

Chosen by the random name picker, she is a first time entrant. Also had the most up votes!

Lula please put 30 Stardoll item on your wishlist 

Post here what it is with your Stardoll Name

Everyone did a fantastic job with their outfits complimenting the country they chose

Only 8 dolls followed the rules plus entered both days, so we are lowering the Award 

The other 7 dolls 

lolitka1444,  WildChrissie,  irene-super3,  lilyhippo,  19rhy99,  CoolRachael,  JaneDoee83

In appreciation of your participation 

Please put a 10 Stardollar item on your wishlist

Post here what it is with your Stardoll Name

Lately I have been making mistakes in awarding the prizes, 

so I have decided to just give wishlist prizes 

Thank you to everyone that posted an outfit this weekend 

One week to claim

♥ Aonuk ♥


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