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RNTM Cycle 1 - Task 1 Judging Panel

The Girl Who Takes the Walk of Shame
Episode 2
"Judging and Elimination" 

DISCLAIMERS: *There is A LOT of reading in this post, please take your time, or scroll down near the bottom to see the elimination.* 
*Please DO NOT contact the contestants about their placement until they are aware of how they did*
Welcome back to Roxanne's Next Top Model
Last week we introduced to you all the TOP 10 models of Cycle 1!

The top 10 were flown all the way from Los Angeles, to New York City! Michael Kors, and Tory Burch invited 5 models each to walk for them! Many of them did AMAZING, and some fell flat in our expectations! Lets see how the top 10 did!

First we shall evaluate the models who walked for MICHAEL KORS!

First up is Ealain!
Ealain - Michael Kors
Roxanne:  Well, I think you did an AMAZING job with the styling, and making it look like Michael Kors designed this! You also did a GREAT recreation of Gigi Hadid's outfit! I do think the hands on hips pose is pretty model 101, in terms of scenery posing, and real life. I understand it has been a VERY long time since you have done this, but compared to your audition, its kind of a step down! OVERALL, I think the styling, and makeup is SUPERB, but I feel you lacked the spark you bring with your posing this time, and you also lacked energy with your face!

Lucy: Really love the pose and the use of items! It definitely looks a lot like the inspiration, and there's plenty of texture in both. I like the leg pose! But I'm not too sure why she's leaning over  and not just standing straight up

Grace: I like the unusual way she took on outfit 68. There’s a lot of creativity going on with the outfit and pose, but the pose is a little sharp around the edges and her doll looks a bit like it’s about to fall over. The legs look great though. The background is simple, but it works pretty well for the overall scenery, so I’m OK with it

Next up, Lil_Rocker_Grl,

Lil_Rocker_Grl - Michael Kors

Roxanne: Okay, so Lil_Rocker_Grl is my sister in real life, BUT I will NEVER favor her in any way! Just wanted to clear things out! Alright, First off, like Ealain, you did an awesome job at styling! You didn't recreate an outfit you made one based off of what you saw in this collection! I love the matching of different patterns, that could be dangerous, but it turned out really well! Your makeup is great! Very subtle like the collection, but still enough to pop. But I think the lipstick puts to much tension in your lips, and they look big and puffy as if you had a botched lip job!  Your posing however wasn't the best of the bunch! I think it was a little rough, like Ealain, you haven't done this in a while! I know you can do better!

Lucy: I think you missed the point of this collection altogether. No, you didn't like it, but that's not really an excuse. I like the leg pose, but the gloves look like her hands are on backwards

Grace:  I really appreciate the unique pose and honestly, I kind of love the legs, but the whole thing, especially the hands and around the waist is a little sharp and awkward. Unfortunately, I don’t see too much of the Michael Kors collection in the outfit and makeup either. I understand where she got the idea for the crazy patterns, but I feel like she missed the mark as far as capturing the Tye-dye like pattern of the pastel half of the collection or floral patterns of the B&W half. The background isn’t particularly complimentary either.

Next girl is, Ann_Devil

Ann_Devil - Michael Kors
Roxanne: First off, I commend the great usage of gargoyles to make the skirt! I love a model who is crafty! BUT, an on going theme here, it seems like a look book photo shoot and not you on the runway! Your pose is very simple, and chic. But it could use some polishing. For example, your elbows have parts of your doll uncovered, and it looks boxy! Work on that next time! I love the top! Its so intricate, and made very beautifully! Overall, you have a great face, and the styling was SO CREATIVE, but you missed the mark on the task theme and neat posing! Still a great job!

Lucy: The skirt is super detailed and the lace is made very well! Something odd is going on with her elbow (the right hand side of the screen one, the doll's left arm) and I'm not quite sure what it is...  

Grace: Super creative outfit, but I’m honestly baffled by the arms here. Like, I can’t figure out how she made them, but they look almost...choppy? The legs look good and the arm poses themselves would be fine, but the actual arms are throwing me off. The outfit could be cleaned up a bit around the edges, but looks great otherwise. I would’ve liked to see more effort put into the background

Next is Uitsili,

Uitsili - Michael Kors

Roxanne:  Unfortunately I do not see a runway, I see more of a look book photo shoot. I don't think it is the best idea to add more than 1 of your doll, as it's not really realistic! Your styling is actually AMAZING! I will give you props on that! I think you matched the outfits together splendidly. I don't really like your face in this I think it seems like you were not connected in the photograph! You are also looking away slightly, so that might be were the disconnect is! Overall, the styling is GREAT, but the posing and atmosphere lacks energy, and theme!

Lucy: Loving the three outfits and subtle poses! The prints and textures are just about right for the brand too. I don't know how to feel about that background being so... green, though.  

Grace: I think she really really nailed the clothes for Michael Kors! All of her outfits would fit in perfectly with the collection. Her poses are a little basic, but outside of the right doll’s arm, they look pretty clean and proportional. I’d like to see her try some more adventurous poses in the future. I hate the color she used for the background, but I’m assuming we aren’t judging as much on that.

And last but not least is, GirlSahar4444

GirlSahar444 - Michael Kors
Roxanne: To start off I don't see Micheal Kors, but the designs are really cute! Like with some others, this seems more of a look-book photo shoot, or even a ad campaign,  than a runway photo. Your upper-body is nice, i love the natural look to it, but from your wait down, its stiff, and the pants covering your shoes makes it look like you are floating, or you have no feet! Overall, I think the scene needs a lot of work, but you still did well for a first task

Lucy: The dolls pose looks increasingly awkward the more I look at it. The lower arm, where the elbow meets shirt, is especially bad. And with the mannequins, we can see their bodies underneath the dresses which is very bad placement - and not due to a stardoll glitch, since it's the same on the imgur page. The outfits are fine, and there's a smart use of the basics skirt to lengthen and make the top asymmetrical . 

Grace:  Interesting interpretation of the outfit. It’s not perfect, but I appreciate the way she went about it and I think the end product looks pretty good. I do have some problems with the pose, as the outfit does not work with the gloves and the gloves don’t match her doll. The right arm pose looks good, but the left one needed to be cleaned up a bit. The background is a little lackluster and the outfits she put on her “background models” don’t compliment the one she put on her doll.

Now that the girls who walked for Michael Kors have all been critiqued, we shall go onto Tory Burch!

First up, Louisa.Karemina

Louisa.Karemina - Tory Burch
Roxanne: I want to start off saying, your background is very nice! I find it lovely! But the people are a no-no. They are looking at us instead of you, and it is distracting! The outfit is VERY TORY BURCH. Very hippie chic, and well pleasing to my eye! You were very creative, I love the netting over the sweater, and although your posing isn't the main factor, it still compliments the shape of the clothing! Your makeup is super nice! I love the face, you have CHEEK BONES to die for! The eyes are a little sleepy! This entire scene is very strong together, minus some things here and there (the people, and sleepy eyes, and the shoes.) You did a splendid job capturing Tory Burch!

Lucy: You chose an interesting outfit to re-create. I think the top part is done justice, but the skirt is a very odd choice - something lace or plain white would have looked better. As for the blue gloves, they're not a bad decision,  but next time just stick with the doll hand because they don't seem to be adding anything to this look. The feet are slightly posed, but being under a skirt rather diminishes the effect of it.

Grace: A lot of things in this are pretty good and could be great with just a little guidance and practice. The background setup works great, but the outfits she chose for her “audience” are a bit distracting. The outfit isn’t fantastic, but still fits the theme of the collection, so I’m fine with it. The hand pose probably could’ve been made without using a glove at all and the legs are a tad awkward, but they aren’t too bad. Obviously, the blue glove is an eyesore, but I read her comment and am OK to let it slide.
Next we have, CoolRachael
CoolRachael - Tory Burch
Roxanne: The outfit is divine! You know how to style well! But I think you are not up to par with your modeling abilities. It's very messy, and I know you expressed you didn't know how to do this stuff well, and I will take into account you are not experienced!  I don't know what you were going for really, there a a huge poster covering most of your leg. Your background is simple and nice, but its also a bit messy! Overall, you need a little more time, and work on your scene!

Grace: There are certainly some problem areas here, but her main outfit looks nice. The green bag takes away from the outfit some, so I would’ve liked to see a different one and unfortunately, the white background completely drowns the bottom half of her doll. The background as a whole could’ve been a lot smoother and maybe included some more details. The pose is a bit of a mess to be honest. I think I see where she wanted it to go, but the chunk missing from her left leg just isn’t working. There’s also a block of white in the middle of the right arm and I’m not sure what its purpose is.

Next up is Dorky123,

Dorky123 - Tory Burch
Roxanne: Starting off, like some others, putting more than 1 doll in your photos isn't realistic, and I wont consider more than 1 outfit in the final placements of all the tasks combined! It's only fair! I actually REALLY love the styling! Your pose really connects with the dress, and it seems like you are at the end of the runway striking a pose! I like it! I do think there is something missing though from the aesthetic of this collection! It's more of a minimalist, and hippie chic vibe in Tory Burch's Collection, and you made more of a Formal Day wear direction! You also made some technical mistakes in your background, which I love by the way, The lights are resting on some crowd members heads, and the crowd looks more like a rock concert silhouette, than a fashion show! Other than that I think its a nice first task!

Lucy: Explanations are important! Please write a description next time, because I'm not sure exactly what parts of the collection these are based off of, which makes it much more difficult to judge. The middle outfit is probably the best, with the creative double belts, but the dress sleeve does not go around her posed arm which is unfortunate

Grace: Another great group of outfits here that really captured the essence of the collection. The poses could use a little work as they’re a bit disproportional and fairly basic, but I think the mistakes would be fairly easy to fix with a little practice. The background and outfits look great.

Next we have, LoveFontinh 

LoveFontinh - Tory Burch
Roxanne: Well it is quite obvious Team Tory Burch loves their backgrounds! I'm actually impressed! You made two models, posing, and their own outfits, and it looks awesome! The background is completely mind blowing! And your dimensions are nearly flawless! You spent forever on this and I can tell, and it payed off! Your styling is really nice! I really think you hit the nail on this head with how Tory wanted her collection to feel! Great job!

Grace:  I really like both the outfits and poses here! The poses are kind of simple, but there’s definitely a catwalk feel to them and they look very well done. Her doll’s outfit is spot on for the one she chose. The background overall looks good, but the right side is a little rough and I don’t think the neon was needed.

Last but not least, B.E.A.T.K.A!
B.E.A.T.K.A - Tory Burch
 Roxanne: To me this is AWESOME! The posing is AWESOME, the background is SIMPLY AWESOME, your styling is GREAT, and your face is VERY CHIC. Let's start with the styling. The pants are crazy! I don't know how you were able to make that, but its awesome! The bag goes great, and the shirt is basic, but matches really well! The background is AWESOME! You made an exact replica! The only problems i have would be the people in the background, it's kind of distracting when they are all looking at us, instead of you! Your background reminds me of a very AMAZING model back in my day ExtravaganceSD (Nora). She made amazing backgrounds, and you could be up at the top with with this one photo! Overall, this is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

Lucy: The pants pose is very well done, and I love what she did with her arm around the bag! It absolutely looks like the inspiration, in many ways. Well done!

Grace:  I’m very happy with the whole thing. The outfit is on point, I can really see how much effort she put into the background and her pose looks pretty good. I think the pose would’ve looked a little better if we could see the left arm, but besides that, I can’t really criticize much. I’m very impressed by whatever she did for the pants.

Here are some links to ExtravaganceSD's sceneries.

I just want to say, All of you did amazing this first task, and you made it VERY hard to come up with a perfect call-out order for the judges and me! And with that,

10 BEAUTIFUL models await to be called onto the next week. You all walked for a top designer, and you all did well! But for one of you, this was the last time you walk the runway for us. Best photo of the week goes to...

you did such a splendid job, and I think you deserved this 100 percent!

Runner up for best photo is...


The next batch of girls who are safe is...





and Uitsili 

The last name I will call, and is safe from Elimination is...

GirlSahar444, You task was good enough to be safe, but not good enough to be considered great! You need a little more work!

That leaves CoolRachael, and Lil_Rocker_Grl

CoolRachael, this week you are in the bottom because your lack of experience definitely showed in your task. You know how to style which is a plus, but do you know how to pose well enough to keep up with the other girls? Maybe you just need more time.

Lil_Rocker_Grl, You are here in the bottom because like CoolRachael, your pose was messy, and looked very inexperienced. Your styling was, okay, not the best, and not the worst. It's surprising because you have so much experience, but it didn't seem like you did this time around!

So who stays?

Lil_Rocker_Grl, Your experience saved you this time, as we feel that next task you can definitely rock it, after being so close to going home! You need to step it up, this cant happen again!

CoolRachael, even though you were eliminated this time around, I want to let you know that you are still a good model! You unfortunately didn't shine through this time! 

To our top 9, Task 2 is posted in the club, and will be posted here Tomorrow! Good luck!

XoXo Roxy 

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