Friday, August 11, 2017


It glitched but we bought anyways...YOUNG HOLLYWOOD!

By looking at the entries, everyone loved those Vetements boots! 

I thought they were kinda too over the top but what do I know? 

And this is coming from an original Punk Rocker HaHa! 

Hard to style but you all did a fantastic job with them.

McKristi_Kenz was my favorite!

Love the spike jacket and the illusion of no top under that jacket.

Next I really liked JudyellaFairy's description of the release ...Chaos! Read it below 

I'm "quite" disappointed by this release, so many glitches occurred with these 10(!!) pieces. I was the kind of lucky one who could see the mannequins, but without clothes, and even the click area did not work. But for today even that disappeared, and the items are only found in the catalog, and it's hard to see if any pieces are left or not. 

I think Stardoll had plenty of time preparing this release, the last store out was Tributes Gallery on Monday, and that collection was not a big deal (there were some great shoes that I loved for RL btw). 

Also in YH collection half the items are accessories AGAIN. It had to take a little time until I figured out what kind of outfits could be the released ones, as there were such a little amount of clothes. 

Also, what I don't understand is that why Stardoll asked for clothes ideas, when they didn't use it?! Okay, I think I'll stop here but I tell you the word that for me describes this collection: Chaos 

I will agree with that how about you? 

Wanted to post some more photos but having trouble with the sizing. 

CoolRachael had the most up votes, guess that is why she is Me Doll of the Month. 

Orpul-is-me9 is very cute in the pink top and glasses. 

Sumandark created an awesome outfit by adding those pink Rose corsages to the skirt.

NickyMinarsch and Pedromane94 looked like besties with their pants outfits!

All dolls mentioned will receive one (1) wishlist item of 15 Stardollars. 

Please post here when you have done so. 

One week to claim. 

Thanks again to all who entered. 

Without you we would not have a community!  




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