Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Our winner is Juliette116! 

Selected by Random Name picker, she wins 50 Stardollars

 for entering a different themed outfit both Saturday and Sunday!

 Above is from "The Birds" and this is from "Rear Window" my two favorite movies by Hitchcock. Anyone who has not watched a Hitchcock movie should start with "REAR WINDOW". Very suspenseful and interesting to see all the people's lives that are watched through the window by Jimmy Stewart. 
"THE BIRDS" is also incredible but does show some blood and gore but nothing like the movies that are made nowadays! 

Also a special prize is awarded to bankgeek17 for her portrayal of Hitch himself!

She wins 25 Stardollars! 

Will both dolls place something in their Bazaar if they are Superstar for SMWPRIZES doll to buy?

 If you are tired of some clothing item would you mind putting that up sale? 

If not Superstar, place one (1) item on your wishlist and reply here when you have done so. 

All the entries were wonderful especially the people who posted a Movie Photo and recreated it.  

Thank you all who take the time to enter. More fun this weekend.

One week to claim.


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