Tuesday, August 22, 2017


JudyellaFairy is our Winner this week! Chosen by Random name picker. I don't know if The Olsen Twins sing (they were her inspiration) but her Sunday entry was her own creation.

She wins 50 Stardollars!

Next are lolitka1444 and CoolRachael, who did a very clever recreation 

of the two crazy guys from 21 Pilots in their underwear! 

Most up voted with 9 votes is JaneDoee84!

  Lastly, my favorite two dolls who created their own looks are:  

And booklover29!

These 5 dolls win 20 Stardollars!

 Will the winners please put something up for sale in their BAZAAR if they are Superstar for SMWPRIZES to buy? 

Maybe you could put something you don't wear anymore for SMWPRIZES

If you are not Superstar please place one (1) item on your wishlist and reply here when you have done so.

There were so many clever and creative entries, 

I wanted to give to all. That is why some prizes were lowered. 

And as always if you have any suggestions for a Weekend Theme feel free to post them here. 

Hope you all had fun! Thanks for entering! ♥Aonuk♥


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