Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Game of Luck - Top 13 + ELIMINATION CEREMONY 6

Welcome to the TOP 13, we have come to far and we are just 2 weeks away from the middle of the contest! We will have 10 contestants left soon, and it is so crazy! From 20 to 10! This week I decided to put in a call-out order so you can see how you are doing in this contest! That will come after tonight's elimination!

Let's get to the hard part!

The FIRST contestant safe is.

CoolRachael, you're the first one to be called first more than once! Nice!

The next contestant safe is...


The next contestants safe are...






Well done! You still have a chance at winning the grand prize!

The next contestant safe is...

Judith_25 well done!

The last contestants safe from the BOTTOM 2 are...






That means Dddirnenos, and WildChrissie will see if they are the last contestant safe, and will continue on for a chance to win 600sd, or 3 months SS.

These two have yet to be up for elimination, so this feeling is new to them, and WE wish them all the best of luck!

The last contestant safe is...


Dddirnenos, I am so sad you are going! Who's name can I spell that I will enjoy as much as yours? It looks like your luck ran out, but you made it so far! 6 weeks! You get to have up to 20sd of stuff from your wishlist!

To our TOP 12, two of you will leave next week! So keep your fingers crossed! Join us next week!

Here is the call-out photo! Let's watch it get smaller, and smaller EVERY week! 

XoXo Roxy

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