Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Game of Luck - Top 8 + ELIMINATION CEREMONY 8

Welcome back to The Game of Luck! 2 weeks ago, a major shock took place as out of the blue, 4 contestants were eliminated, which brought us our TOP 8 contestants out of 20 who started the season!

Well, after the crazy elimination we had a poll to see which 3 of our TOP 8 had the most fans. Lets find out!!!

Well, CosimaSaskia, OUR VIEWERS HAVE SPOKEN! CosimaSaskia pulled in 23.08% of the vote, and also scored herself 25sd worth of items from her WISHLIST! It also looks like you guys want to see Anya-Samantha, and Gold3Silver make it to the FINALE! WildChrissie, and Judith_25 seem to have a lot of fans as well!

Now, lets get into the elimination!

The first Contestant safe this week is....

CosimaSaskia well, you have had a great week! Congrats on your second first place!

The next contestant safe is...

Judith_25 Well done! You are safe!

The next contestants safe are...




Well done to you two!

The last contestant safe from elimination is...


Unfortunately that leaves Anya-Samantha, ItsEtiosa, and Gold3Silver left. Only 1 of you will be saved to hopefully win 600sd, or 3 months SS!

The last contestant saved this week, and will be entering the SemiFinale of Season 1 is....

Anya-Samantha, last week we saw that you had a huge fan base in the comment section, so I am glad that they can still support you in this contest!

Gold3Silver, I pegged you as a one of the contestants to make it to the finale at least! I am really sad to see you go, and I thank you SO SO SO much for playing! 
ItsEtiosa, I think you were one of the contestants who did so well, but NOBODY noticed it! I really enjoyed having you in this season! Thank you!

BOTH of you won 40sd worth of items in your WISHLIST!

To our TOP 6, next week 3 of you will be eliminated. That is our SEMI-FINALE week, After the elimination I will announce some other prizes!

Till then (Wednesday August 30th), have a GREAT week!

XoXo Roxy


Tuesday, August 22, 2017


JudyellaFairy is our Winner this week! Chosen by Random name picker. I don't know if The Olsen Twins sing (they were her inspiration) but her Sunday entry was her own creation.

She wins 50 Stardollars!

Next are lolitka1444 and CoolRachael, who did a very clever recreation 

of the two crazy guys from 21 Pilots in their underwear! 

Most up voted with 9 votes is JaneDoee84!

  Lastly, my favorite two dolls who created their own looks are:  

And booklover29!

These 5 dolls win 20 Stardollars!

 Will the winners please put something up for sale in their BAZAAR if they are Superstar for SMWPRIZES to buy? 

Maybe you could put something you don't wear anymore for SMWPRIZES

If you are not Superstar please place one (1) item on your wishlist and reply here when you have done so.

There were so many clever and creative entries, 

I wanted to give to all. That is why some prizes were lowered. 

And as always if you have any suggestions for a Weekend Theme feel free to post them here. 

Hope you all had fun! Thanks for entering! ♥Aonuk♥


New Original Future released!

Hello dollies! It's been a while since i got to write a post here. I've been a bit busy with uni and personal stuff, but I'll try to be here as well (: Anyways:
There is a new collection out in Original Future.

Prices range between 20 and 8 sd. There is one starcoin item. 

What do you think of this small release?
What are your must haves? 

Style any of the main items and win your favourite items from this release!

-Dont forget your username
-Upvote your favourite outfit
-Have fun!

Monday, August 21, 2017

HB Denim Jeans Released + GIVEAWAY

The Hot Buys Light Denim With Side Stripe has been released for 22 Stardollars. (20 for Royalty)

You can find it in Bonjour Bizou or get it in your dressing room HERE.

What do you think about the jeans? Do you like them?

Real life version inspired by Nasty Gal

Show us how you would style this Hot Buy and you can get it for FREE!

Winners chosen randomly.

~ Don't forget your Stardoll name.
~ Open for a limited time. 



Results have been tallied and the winners of the Hot Buys Chains Poll

*drum roll*


It's a tie 

JaneDoee83 and RIOT received the same amount of votes.

They had very intricate creations. 

Please place an item on your wishlist of 25sd or less and post below when you have finished. Don't forget to add the chains to your list please.

Now for our raffle winner 

 Orpul-is-me9 please place the chains on your wishlist

Thank you everyone that participated. You dolls did a great job creating beautiful detailed looks. 

Until next time


Sunday, August 20, 2017

The Game of Luck UPDATE

As some of you noticed, THERE WAS NO EPISODE THIS WEEK!

Do not fret, I was SUPER bust with University stuff, moving in, and saying hi to new people, and going to new classes. I cried like 50 times this week!

So, next week we will continue on with The Game of Luck!

XoXo Roxy

Friday, August 18, 2017

HB VitaminD Sweatshirt Released + GIVEAWAY!

The Hot Buys VitaminD Sweatshirt has been released for 20 Stardollars (18 for Royalty).

You can find it at It Girls or get it in your dressing room HERE.

What do you think about the sweatshirt? Will you buy it?

Real life version inspired by Vetements

Show us how you would style this Hot Buy and you can get it for FREE!

Winners chosen randomly

~ Don't forget your Stardoll name
~ Open for a limited time



This weekend's Theme is Singers on the Red Carpet!  

Imagine your doll is accepting an award for best New Talent. 

Be it Golden Beyonce' above!

Hot Fire Red Katy Perry in Galliano!

Or Cool Blue Gwen Stefani!

Style your doll in a heart stopping outfit for accepting this Music Award! 

Use whatever colors you like and include singers from your own country if you wish,

 but let's be modern for a change.

Posting a photo of who you are inspired by or a background behind your doll

 that goes along with the theme, always catches the eye!

Don't forget if you enter a different outfit on both Saturday and Sunday 

you could win 50 Stardollars!

Do not post your outfits here. 

Use the OOTD at the top of the blog and please remember to post your STARDOLL name and the Date

Have fun ♥ Aonuk ♥


Young Hollywood Released

 Young Hollywood has been released.
It is inspired by the Teen Choice Awards. 

Stardoll staff was able to release a store floor this time around. There is still no window, but you can find the items on the main page, catalog, or click on the store list to view it. 

Do you like this release? What are your must have items? 


Style a main article of clothing from this collection. Please post your username and if you are entering competition. 

Thank you and good luck dolls 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

HB Fenty Inspired Platforms Released + GIVEAWAY!

The Hot Buys Fenty Inspired Platforms have been released for 19 Stardollars (17 for Royalty).

You can find them in Velvet Orchid or get them in your dressing room HERE.

What do you think about the platforms? Will you buy them?

Real life version inspired by Fenty Puma

Show us how you would style these hb 's and you could get them for FREE!

Winners chosen randomly

~Don't forget your Stardoll name
~Open for a limited time

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Hot Buys Rio Gold Chains Poll

All entries have been gathered now its up to you to decide our winners. 

1st place wins Chains and 25sd prize of their choice 
2nd place wins chains and 15sd prize of their choice 
1 lucky person will be chosen from raffle 

Good luck dolls, you have 2 days to vote 



Our winner is Juliette116! 

Selected by Random Name picker, she wins 50 Stardollars

 for entering a different themed outfit both Saturday and Sunday!

 Above is from "The Birds" and this is from "Rear Window" my two favorite movies by Hitchcock. Anyone who has not watched a Hitchcock movie should start with "REAR WINDOW". Very suspenseful and interesting to see all the people's lives that are watched through the window by Jimmy Stewart. 
"THE BIRDS" is also incredible but does show some blood and gore but nothing like the movies that are made nowadays! 

Also a special prize is awarded to bankgeek17 for her portrayal of Hitch himself!

She wins 25 Stardollars! 

Will both dolls place something in their Bazaar if they are Superstar for SMWPRIZES doll to buy?

 If you are tired of some clothing item would you mind putting that up sale? 

If not Superstar, place one (1) item on your wishlist and reply here when you have done so. 

All the entries were wonderful especially the people who posted a Movie Photo and recreated it.  

Thank you all who take the time to enter. More fun this weekend.

One week to claim.


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Sit Down with Rachel

Hello dolls

Welcome to our first Sit Down where we get to know you a little better. 

Our first guest for this new section is Rachel. She is one of SMW's most active members and the winner of MeDoll of The Month. You can find her posting her OOTD's religiously or over in the CHAT section being friendly with everyone and having gif and meme wars with Jane. 

Can you tell us who you are?

Hi I'm Rachael, 18years old from France, 100°/° Black and proud of my African roots. I speak fluent french and I try my best with english, not easy but learn each day something new :).

What got you into stardoll?
It's my cousin who got me in the stardoll. She loved that game, and seeing her log in each day, buying stuff, trying to decorate her suite made me want to try and here I am "addicted to the shopping side of the game" xd.

How did you decide on your username?

As you can see, I was not very inspired when I created my doll's username lol, just added "Cool"before my name because I love saying "cool" until my mum told me she'll slap if she hears that word again  xd. Now I kinda regret it when i see all those funny, weird and unbelievable usernames on stardoll.

What is your favorite part of the game?

My favorite part of the game are: 1) Chatting with friends,mostly about stardoll releases (what to buy or not; complaining too xd); 2) Doing club competitions ( i get bored very quickly so the only thing for entertaining myself is doing competitions or cycles); 3) Buying stuff mostly on main bazaar (God help me🤗) and it's very hard when you don't have more SD to buy what you want :(

Your must have item in game?

My must have item is headscarf/headwrap/turban or hat, I just love them in RL and I've found some here in store and on main bazaar and trying to collect them and maybe who knows I'll achieve my goal (trying to collect as much as possible)

How has stardoll impacted your real life?

The positive side is that I'm learning english xd, most of my friends here speak english and sometimes it's hard for me to talk too much with them xd. I'm more open-minded about peoples' choice, ideas and life. The negative side is that I spend less time with my friend :(

Are you in school?

I just got my final exams, here we call it "Baccaleauréat or Bac" so next it's university (hourray) and i've chosen "Communication and mass medias" so i think we'll start with the basics and after one year we have to choose what we really want to do in the future.
(I hope i understood your question)
What are your 3 summer things? 
  Traveling, Eating, Sleeping

Who or what inspires you?

My mum inspires me the most, I love her, love her strength, her kindness, she's always there for us and others. She's the fashionista in the house xd and she's the best in the kitchen. I hope, I'll be like her.

Your favorite fashion brand?
I don't have a favorite brand because I think that each of them is unique, creative and original. You can find that in the colors and material used and the results. So if it's unique, original or weirdo lol you got my approval :)

How did you end up in SMW?

My dude Jane aka Lolitka1444 got me on SMW, she told me about the blog and i was like " I can't find it on stardoll xd" and she gave me the link and now I spend most of the time there  :)

What's your favorite competition on the blog?

My favorite competition on the blog are giveaways and competitions when we get a new release. I think I've never won the Comp part xd but I like doing that, too much fun :)

Your favorite section of the blog?

My favorite section is "the chat" xd and I'm happy that Jenna added it, posting our OOTD or doing comps is great but it was not as fun but now with the "chat section", we talk to each other, meet new people, have more fun too

Anything else you want to share with us?
Sorry for my english dude, and thank you Jenna and judges for picking me to be the "Member of the month" of the blog. I still don't believe it

Thank you Rachel for the interview, you were amazing.
Also huge thank you to Jenna for giving me this opportunity. It is great to be a part of the SMW staff. 

Until next time dolls. 


Monday, August 14, 2017


Sorry everyone, I've been busy dealing personal things if you haven't read chat. I didn't realize a new tribute was released.

Well, it's Marc Jacobs and I really like several of the items.

What do you guys think of the new release?

What is your favorite item?

Style an outfit using at least 1 main clothing item (not accessory ie; shoes, jewelry, hates, scarves etc)  from the new release and post your pic in comments.

All outfits will be entered in our comp to 

WIN $50sd
*Prize increases or decreases based on the number of entries! So tell your friends!* 

*Must state if you wish to be included in the GIVEAWAY.

~Be sure to leave your Stardoll name
~Open for a limited time.


Happy Birthday to Bella / Exabella! 

Bella has been a member of Stardoll for 6 years. She is a Level 118 and Royalty. 

Works full time and travels on the weekends, 

when does she find the time to play? But glad that she does. 

Look at this Fendi room. So neat and organized. 

She can see exactly what she has. Love all those cute key chains!

Next room. Bam! Designer dresses. 

Such gorgeous pieces and what good taste. 

Think of a Designer she has it. 

Love the Vivian Tam dresses. Never see those in the BAZAAR! 

Literally got lost in there lol 

Last but not!!!! Gorgeous black shoes!!! 

These must be her favs since she put them on pedestals! 

How many of us have a shoe fetish? 

No matter how many shoes we have, 

just that one more black pair 

that has that cute buckle on the side 

and that great heel (drooling) 

oh forgive me got lost there. 

Back to lovely Bella.

So please join me in wishing Exabella a very Happy Birthday! 

If you would like to visit her and write something nice in her guestbook please do. 

The link is below. 

Leaving a gift would be kind of you but not mandatory. 


Saturday, August 12, 2017


Today Stardoll gave us a couple free gifts. 
Sadly it's only for Superstars and Royalty 😞.

As many have noted it's not the best quality and prob a copy of of the HB Denim, but I like it. Hbu?

How would you style it?

Style this jacket to be include in our POLL and 
post the pic in comments.

If you did not receive this gift and would like to enter, feel free to use someone's account who has it. Just state in comments whose account you used.

~Don't forget your Stardoll name
~Open for a limited amount of time

WIN $50sd
Prize can increase or decrease based on the number of entries.

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