Thursday, July 13, 2017

Couture Week Review COMP!

Hello dolls! How are you doing? I’m back from my short vacation and as I promised, I’ll host this Fall ’17 couture inspired comp. All you need to do is pick a designer and recreate one of their looks from this season and write a short review of the collection. As help, I’ll represent my favourite looks from my favourite designers.

Christian Dior

I wasn’t too happy when Valentino’s Maria Grazia Chiurri took over Dior because I always considered her style 'too Valentino' for Dior but she finally grew into the House of Dior. The sensual feminity and class is both alluring and subtle in this collection and I live for it.

Zuhair Murad

Since 2001, when lebanese designer Zuhair Murad presented his first couture collection in Paris, he didn’t gave us a break from his glamour. This collection’s muse a symbol of modernity and empowerment. This wardrobe plays with a duality between strength and delicacy.

Elie Saab
Can you imagine Sansa Stark wearing Elie Saab on Game of Thrones? Elie Saab can. His new collection is inspired by fallen kings and queens, plots and gleaming gold tiaras. They are not clothes for battle but clothes for the win.

Atelier Versace
If Sansa is a Saab girl then Daenerys is definitely a Versace woman. Precision and lightness -  it is about power and fragility - the inner strenght when the two are combined.


- Only collections from Couture Fall-Winter 2017-18 can be used and you must always cite the designer you got inspired of
-You must leave your username 
- At least 10 people must enter 
- No cheating, copying or photo manipulating unless it's the background.
-Have fun!


The sky is the limit! The more entries the more stardollars you can win. For 10+ entries you can win 50 sd, for 20+ entries you can win 100 sd, 30+ entries you can win 200 sd!


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