Tuesday, June 20, 2017


If you haven't checked yet, the winners have been posted for Monday's theme contest. Now on to our next theme... It's TAG A FRIEND TUESDAY!

Simply enter either of our latest DARE TO WEAR flower crown OR Windows on the World comps, then TAG A FRIEND who would enter one of our comps as well.

You can do this in few ways.

PREFERRED WAY: Share our post on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag a few friends. Ask them to enter 1 of the comps mentioned above and state that you invited them.

You and your friend will automatically be included in a raffle to 
WIN 1 MONTH SUPERSTAR or $100sd if already SS.

ALTERNATE WAY: Make a Top Spot topic in your active Stardoll club or tell people about us in their Stardoll messages/guestbooks or on your Stardoll related blog!

BONUS: The more friends that enter our comps and say you invited them, the more entries you get and the better your chances to win.

(Please note these comps, however annoying are important to keep our blog afloat. Thank you for participating and giving back!)

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