Tuesday, June 20, 2017

New Windows on the World Released + Comp

We have a new store in starplaza and it's the annual shop Windows on the World, now 'inspired by Dubai.'

See real life versions HERE at our Inspired By blog
Prices range between 35 and 8 sd. There are no starcoin items. 

I'm glad stardoll decided to honor Eid and their muslim players again but I don't really like the carelessness they've put into this collection. Just because something is 'arab looking' it doesn't means it's automatically from Dubai which might be the only Middle Eastern place Stardoll HQ has on their maps(Morocco is in Africa, jfc!). I used to be very fascinated by Moroccan fashion, google 'Moroccan takchita' and you'll see what I'm talking about, so I feel like it's a bit dismissive of other cultures/countries that are not the UAE and are still muslim and celebrate Eid. 


Create an outfit inspired by another county's culture/fashion and share it with us in comments.

~Don't forget your Stardoll name and to tell us the name of the county/culture that inspired your outfit.

  Prize: WIN 50sd 
(price might reduce or grow, depending on the number of entries). 

Bonus point goes for not only the outfit, but also for a styled room. 

Good luck dolls!


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