Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Fever, Then & Now, Velvet Orchid, Wild Candy, Dare to Wear, Fantasy Hotel and HB Winners

Here are some of the winners for a few outstanding comps and giveaways. More results coming soon!

Please claim your prizes at my 
within 1 week.

Fever Comp:

Prize: $30sd

HB Loose Fit Denim Jacket Poll:

Prize: $50sd

HB Fendi Keychain Giveaway Winners:

Then and Now Winners:

1st place:
Prize: $100sd

Runner up:
Prize: $50sd

Velvet Orchid Winners:
Prize: $50sd

Honorable Mention: McKristi_Kenz
Prize: 1 gift of choice ($25sd or less)

Velvet Orchid Giveaway Winners:

Wild Candy Winners:

Prize: $35sd

Dare to Wear: Evil Panda Biker Vest Winner:

Prize: $50sd

HB Yohji Yamamoto Sunglasses Winner:

HB Front Bow Crop Top Giveaway Winners:

HB Denim Jersey Platform Winners:

HB Rock N Roll Tulle Denim Jacket 
Giveaway Winners:

Fantasy Hotel Comp:

Unfortunately this comp only received 7 entries and so I had to reduce the prize.

Prize: $35sd 

Pals Giveaway:

(only 1 entry sorry)

Special thanks to our judges for taking time to judge several of these comps!

 Vampirelady33, Charmingstar, Judith_25, MadDrumFairy, JanaStarlite, Mirdith, BravegirlAlways

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