Wednesday, May 24, 2017


We already had a chance to discuss today's release earlier, but for Stardoll itself it took roughly a day to officially bring the new floor of MS.TQ into Plaza. The theme is "brows on fleek" (isn't this a bit 2016?), and the items cost between $5 and $16, which I honestly like!

Although SD mostly stressed eyebrows in their letter, my personal faves are Matte Ruby Red Lips and Real Pearls Choker. The latter makes me really sad because it's BP only, but just look how classy it is!

Aside from all the good things, this release has left some questions in my head.
First, this time I see a slightly changed logo on the banner. Are they going to reboot MS.TQ?
Second is, does Stardoll know what Fuchsia looks like?


Sorry, no giveaway as these are beauty items and can not be gifted. Jenna

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