Thursday, May 25, 2017


Are you as excited about Pippa's wedding outfit as I am?

Perfect Day is one of these shops that you buy from, like, once in a blue moon. The normal situation in which you'll search for PD items is when you want to dress your doll like a bride for this or that reason. But let's just do the impossible today: style it other ways!
It's kind of obvious to use full maxi skirts for 'cosplay' or historical outfits. Here I was massively inspired by the OtherWorld jacket that I really randomly bumped into in Catalogue. What I wanted to achieve is that Scarlett-O'Hara-gone-for-a-stroll look. I think I did - with the help of Lady D's skirt!

 The next epoque that was ok to recreate with the help of PD items is 80s. It was Lady D's dress that made everyone and their mother obsessed with puff sleeves, and after that you'd see them worn by a lot (a lot!) of celebs, reinvented by designers like YSL and worn in TV series like the Dynasty. What I just did? A 80s-inspired evening look. I think it's lacking a really bright make-up, though.
If only there was a nice chiwawa bag in Starplaza to match this ultimate 00s party girl look! This strapless dress is rather shapeless, which was ok for the aughts. Tiny Baguette-ish bag? Check. Strappy heels impossible-to-walk-in-but-who-cares? Check. Ironed hair, smoky eyes, chunky bracelet? Check, check, check.

What fresh hell is this? Oh, that's just me still being obsessed with Scream Queens aesthetics. The pale pink-ish dress works great with faux fur and it all. Let's call it my goodbye tribute to the cancelled show.
Or you can just stop recreating other decades and fictional styles and well, follow the actual fashion of our days by using boxy blazers, sneakers, chokers - all in one look with tender mini-dresses.

- create an "non-wedding" outfit using main items from Perfect Day
- post pic in comments
- don't forget to write your SD name
- win $50!

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