Monday, April 24, 2017



Jenna will be out of town this week. With bad Wi-Fi service where she is, Jenna will not be able to be with us. If you would like to continue to post your OOTD'S please do so under the heading at the top. I know this is a competition blog but maybe we could just keep on until Jenna returns without expecting gifts for our stylings. She has given so much to all of us with her own money. So let us show her support by still posting RLV and interesting things you may find on Stardoll.  Maybe the other moderators can make a comp and award a gift. Or any of the members can also. So say some prayers for Jenna or direct good thoughts her way. Whatever is comfortable for you to do. Remember we are a Community who stick together for each other.  💞

My Earth Day comp ends in 7 hours and those prizes with be awarded by me tomorrow  Aonuk 🌸


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