Tuesday, March 14, 2017

OOTD RESULTS 3/6/17 - 3/10/17

All other outstanding comps and raffles should be listed tomorrow!

Ok... so the way I did it this time was a little bit different than I planned.

I placed everyone's name in the hat that entered throughout out the week. So EVERYONE who entered had a chance to win.

BUT...Then, there were a couple ways you could gain more of an advantage for your name to be drawn out of the hat...

~If you entered all week long.. your name got put into the hat 3X. 

~If you had an entry that received 5 or more up votes... your name got put into the hat 1 EXTRA time.

~If you an outfit that I personally absolutely LOVED... your name got put in the hat 1 EXTRA time. You also would have received a surprise gift from me.

So, it definitely pays to try your best and enter as many times as you can all week.

**If you have any ideas on things that might work better or just want to give your input on what you like most about the ootd's... please feel free to comment and I will definitely consider them. :)**

The following are the results from last week's OOTD entries. 

Each person above receives 1 gift of choice ($50sd or less).

Please place the item in your WL and comment when complete.

Winners have 2 days to claim.

The $50sd EVERYDAY Raffle Winner:

Please contact me at Jennarox4eva to claim your prize within 2 days.

The $50sd Social Media Raffle Winner:

Originally, I had planned to do this once a month, 
but I feel like at least in order to kick it off we need to do it weekly.

NEW: Also, if you do not have Instagram and can absolutely not sign up for it... I will allow OOTD Social Media entries on FB.
I do however prefer Instagram as I plan on doing a lot more things on there in the future. 

I couldn't list everyone, but I tried to get at least 1 from those who entered everyday, those who received the most up votes and those that truly spoke to me.

I plan to post these on social media tomorrow and hope to include more people in the next round!

Thanks for participating!


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