Wednesday, March 15, 2017


So, today we have a new floor of Callie's Picks Decor released, and the theme is "Timeless Glamour"! Here we have a few Tribute items, as well as some old Minishop (= really old) ones. 

The prices range from 4 to 42sds and there are three sc items ranging 90-120sc. I think the prices are surprisingly reasonable, especially after the 30+sds recoloured HB jeans, thank you very much, Stardoll!


- We're making a raffle;
- Share your opinion in comments! Did you like anything in particular? Do you like the theme in general?
- Have an extra chance to win by sharing your opinion on Instagram! *
- Win a free CP Decor item from this release!

* - to enter you need to post any pic from this post, write what you think, tag us (@stardolls_most_wanted) and #SMW_CP11 and also don't forget your SD username so we know who gets the gift! Sorry for being too poetic with the tag lol.

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